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Eveshi: Thanks,Bro,see You on Skeptico!.I have not doubt that Michael will figure out "who is who" :). But seriously,Michael,don't You see how unprotected Your blog for trolls is?

No problem. :) I'm also sure that Michael will clear it up soon.

Okay, well, I guess the real eveshi and Alexander can still get through, so apparently I only banned the faker - though I may have deleted some legit comments in the process.

Michael,it is so simple! Check IPs for the posts with my nick UP TO DAY, and You will find only 2 IPs,Toronto/Norht York.Well,Israel at the late September/early October.Was on vacation but even then couldn't stay away for Your blog :).

But seriously,folks,I have questions about the topic I came across just recently,ironically,thanks to the latest Chri's book. That could be off-topic and deserves the separate thread Follow that: as I told many times, my "beginning" with afterlife started after I was shocked by the case of trance mediumship happened with my favorate writer/psychologist - I'll publish it in details on Skeptico soon.I remain skeptic to much related to the paranormal/survival, such as physical materializations,ectoplasm,but got deep interest in trance/mental mediumship and reincarnation. I think I've been familiar with enough cases,where the only choices seem to remain just 3: survival,super-PSI and "cosmic reservoir" .Climo/Heath in their "Handbook to the Afterlife" write that it is presently unknown if mediums get info from deceased,siper-psi among living,or,as they called "akashic records"(cosmic memory).
I think super-PSI was discussed(and debunked here), but what about "cosmic reservoir"?As I know it was William James who put this term/idea.So,why Chris Carter? On Amazon,there remark about this book by Erwin Laszlo,and there is also mentioned: author of the "Akashic Field".I was intrigued and yesterday and today spent some after-work time in the library,reading his 2 books: "Akashic Field" and the sequel,"Akashic Experience".I was distressed since he makes the arguments(convincing to some,say,Stan Grof) for the existing of this "cosmic memory field".Anyway, for me it is still difficult to describe it "hard science" and of course it is not OFICIALLY part of science.But I felt distressed anyway, since I felt that Super-ESP loses to Survival Hypothesis, but what about "Akashic Memory", and since Laszlo agrues that it exists and Grof agrees? Ironically,I found out that Laszlo in niether of his books uses his "akashic memory" as explanation of mental mediumship.On the contrary: in his first book(I didn't read it entirely,only what is related to survival) he mentions different kinds of evidence for survival: NDE/OBE(as the evidence that mind is not tight to body),past-life memories,mystical experiences,and - especially-communicated with deceased.Only reincarnation memories he explains as NOT real reincarnation,but as memory from "akashic records",and one person on one website already stated that it is insuficient for ALL cases.Then he just "killed" me.As example of spirit communications he mentions...John Edward,James Van Praagh and George Anderson! I couldn't believe that serious writer will use these names! I am not sure about Anderson, but about Edward and Van Praagh I've read a lot of negative, even not from skeptics...Then he mentions Alan Botkin,just takin Botkin's word that these are NOT hallucinations - I didn't read,cannot comment. He concludes,that consciousness survives as individual entity and can be communicated.In the next book it gest even more misterious.There is chapter by Pit Van Lommel ,that in NDE person experiences "akashic memory" - cosmic consciousness,absolute love,etc...The most interesting was chapter "How I had dialog with my deceased brother". I thought it would be illustration of "akashic record" vs spirit communication.Not at all!The story about some catholic priest of 60-s,who had 3 ITC occasions,how the messages were concieved - strangely enough,conclusion was similar to Findlay,that his brother was on the path of spiritual evolution in higher dimention,that could be accessed through..."akashic memory".But seiously, should we consider "akashic memory" as serious rival to mental/trance mediumship, provided there is an evidence for such thing? Laszlo didn't express such view,but...I think there are cases,that would be difficult to explain by just reading "cosmic memories". Julie Beschel also entertains such hypothesis,moreover,she suggested that mediumship could be combination of all 3: real spirit communication,super-ESP and "cosmic memory".Why not?
Any thoughts?

"so apparently I only banned the faker"

Don't worry,Michael,these bastards not lacking imagination - tomorrow he may find another computer/IP. Just remember my ones,and then You know if I am real or not...

sorry Alexander I thought Michael said your IP address was traced continue your interesting thoughts :)

Ray : My (2)IPs may be traced, by that's what I hoped for. I hoped that my IPs AND bastard's IP were compared and realized that they are different.

Perhaps today was the most extreme case of trolling, but I'm on Michael's blog for about 2.5 years, and have seen trolling before, don't know why Michael didn't take care before against such possibilities...

Yeah that's why I found it shocking bc you were so insightful. Im sorry about that.

Ray: "Im sorry about that."

That's not a problem. I just hope that Michael will find a way to prevent it in the future.:)
Read my above post about "akashic" stuff. In personal correspondence Michael Tymn responded that he doesn't see how "akashic" can explain ALL cases of mental/trance mediumship, and Stephen Braude straightforward said that it is nonsense :).
I forgot to mention that the book of renown british mental medium Craig Hamilton-Parker "What to do when You dead" is filled with whole esoteric stuff(which not its stong point, in my opinion),and he also mentions several times "akashic records", but never uses is as the source of his mediumship.As I learned ,it is ancient hindu concept,, also used in theosophy, particulary Rudolf Steiner, and now Erwin Laszlo tries to out it into the modern scientific framework

"As example of spirit communications he mentions...John Edward,James Van Praagh and George Anderson! I couldn't believe that serious writer will use these names! I am not sure about Anderson, but about Edward and Van Praagh I've read a lot of negative, even not from skeptics." - Alexander

I'm fairly certain George Anderson is the real deal. He's pretty darn amazing. I've read several books about him and also seen him do readings on TV and he seems sincere and I think he's the real deal.

Art: all I can say,that I didn't read Anderson's books,or about him, only Amazon reviews,mostly positive,some negative(as it should be).All in all I've heard on him much less negativity as for others 2...the problem is ,TV mediums are easy targets for randies/shermers - "cold reading" etc.I suspect that strongest mediums are beyond TV shows.
Michael,what do You think about George Anderson?

From what I've read and seen, Anderson seems legitimate to me. I'm impressed that in his books he includes complete transcripts, not just excerpts. The transcripts are "warts and all" documents that show where he's struggling and sometimes seemingly fishing for info, and where he gets things wrong. He says he includes everything so people will have a more realistic idea of what to expect from a reading. He does struggle with names and sometimes has to work them out almost one letter at a time, which can seem like cold reading, but he has a lot of significant out-of-the-blue "hits" too.

As far as remembering people's IP addresses is concerned, I'm afraid I can't spend the time necessary to check the origin of every comment. Commenters do have the option of signing in via various social networks, which would greatly reduce the chance of identity theft. I would recommend trying this. In fact, I'll try it right now!

Note: Yes, it works. Just be sure to sign in BEFORE typing your comment, or you will lose it.

FYI, I signed in to TypePad since I have an account with them, but as you can see, many other options (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are available.

Seems like I succeded to sign in through Facebook!

Actually,my question about Anderson was "side effect" to my new "discovery" of the books of Laszlo about "akashic field".I was surprised in his first book he mentioned Edward/Van Praagh.But it seems to me that in the second book even went farther.If he devouted the entire chapter to the case of ITC - thing that always seemed to be doubtful in the extreme,exceeding materializations - seems he seriously believes in it.I don't want to bother anybody with the questions about ITC, but if someone thinks there are reasons/cases to take it seriously - please let me know,perhaps I'm unaware of something.
But to my main point - "askashic records" and its possible (ir)relevance to the mental/trance mediumship

To the real Alexander1304, I'm sorry if I accused you of being a troll before.

It seems that identity theft has been the real culprit here.

Regarding ITC, I think that it is a genuine phenomena, and has been established as such, with the phenomena being commonly reported in sound labs/sound proof studios and so on, where there is 0% chance of random soundwaves being picked up.

Because of this, it has been suggested that the sounds are produced by some as yet unknown quantum effect. As for pictures being produced, this may be due to the same phenomena in genuine cases.

It may be evidence of psi, bu it does not mean that it is solid evidence for survival though.

Interesting post, Michael!


I find ITC fascinating but really only interested in controlled tests. I've brought this up several times on here but in case you missed it an exceptional case is Marcello Bacci in Italy. He receives direct radio voice from alleged spirits through his old valve radio. This is real time conversation with no playback necessary. Il Laboratorio” – Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Biopsychocybernetic Research, an Italian Research Association, founded in Bologna in 2002, dedicated to the scientific and technical research into paranormal phenomena, tested Bacci.

They brought in an engineer who removed all the valves on the radio and put it into a chamber of sorts where radio communication is impossible and the voices still came through, the cherry on top was that the radio was then switched off! You can read about this test and it was filmed while making the Afterlife Investigations

Il Laboratorio website with some interesting papers-

Bacci experiment :
Starts around 12:30 in video

For the record I'm a John Edward Fan too. I've seen pretty much all his TV shows, and some of them several times over. I think John Edward is charismatic, intelligent, witty, funny, entertaining, and sometimes he even makes some miraculous hits! Do I believe that everything he gets is "spirit communication?" No, but some of it is. I suspicion that is the way it is with a lot of Mediums. Just like everything else in life, some of it's true and some of it's bologna. They got to do something to fill in the dead space in a reading, otherwise their readings would only be 5 minutes long. Filler. That's what I think it is. But some of it's real too. Some of the really amazing hits have to come from somewhere.

"I've brought this up several times on here but in case you missed it an exceptional case is Marcello Bacci in Italy"

That video is really impressive, Ray. Extremely convincing! Almost too good to be true.

What (if you know) are skeptical criticisms of Bacci, the phenomena in the video, etc?

Thanks for sharing ITC, Douglas and Ray.Ray,I'll have a look at the video later today, and as II remember Piero Calvi-Parisetti talks about it in his "21 Days".
But what about Laszlo and his "akashic records"/cosmic memory?Did anybody read him?

Regarding ITC I found such web: wordlITC

I cannot find any criticisms other than the superficial ones from skeptics that don't fit the situation (stray radio signals, accomplices, etc). The guys has been doing this for well over 40 years and sometimes he will go weeks or months without any contact, which I actually find to be even more convincing. Here we have:

1) Veridical info received from the alleged spirits to grieving parents who show up at his sessions

2) Experiments carried out by an independent third party group of technicians and scientist ( Il Laboratorio )which used voice recognition software and found a 97% match between an alleged spirit voice and a recording from when she was alive. They also sent technicians to literally strip apart the radio to ensure there were no devices used for trickery.

3) No one has ever caught the man cheating as long as he has done this

I suspect the reason we do not here much about this is because he does not seek publicity and the fact that it is in Italy. I think it might be American/English arrogance that comes through, that we tend to look at evidence in other countries as less creditable for some reason or another (see the case on medium Indridi Indridason from Iceland A skeptic might assume that the independent researchers who conducted the experiment were in on it with them. Out of all the controlled experiments done in the paranormal I find the Bacci experiment and the Kluski Hand Molds the most convincing ( I think the Bacci case would be air tight (well as air tight as you can get with this stuff) if a world renowned independent skeptical organization went in and performed the same test on Bacci.

Speaking of the Kluski hand molds, I talk about that in some detail in my essay "Getting a Rise out of Ectoplasm," linked in the main post. There was a serious effort to debunk the hand molds by reproducing the results , but IMO it fell short, for reasons explained in the article.

"Speaking of the Kluski hand molds, I talk about that in some detail in my essay "Getting a Rise out of Ectoplasm," linked in the main post."

I saw that. I had never heard of Kluski before. So thanks for new info.

It would be nice to have someone have these molds made of (by?) recently deceased people where finger prints are on record or available on the deceased's possessions and then compare mold finger prints to the known normal source finger prints. It seems this was done at least once with Kluski, but more and more current would be very helpful.

Kluski seems to me to be factor to diminish the super psi theory. Super psi would have to be pretty darn granular to pick up on finger print patterns.

Bacci does seem airtight. It would be nice if someone could convince him to bring his gig to the states. Maybe have some known skeptics in on the testing.

Thanks again for the Bacci info as well, Ray, it is most remarkable. It is most unfortunate that it is not better known.

Regarding ectoplasm, German mediumistic circle the Felix Group is getting great results of ectosplasm and other effects in good red light. The photos are improving and while still not 100% clear, they definitely show paranormal phenomena taking place; the same seances where these photos are taken usually have a report written up by one investigator or another who was present when the phenomena were taking place.

I think there is definite psi phenomena of a high order going on here, although some people, such as Zerdini, arent impressed in terms of this being any evidence of survivial - he also finds some of the channeled information (such as references to aliens etc) as being a bit dubious. That's hardly unusual when dealing with transmitted information in my view. I think that a mediumistic communication is something like opening a phone book at random and picking a number - there's no telling what will come through. This is where the quality of the medium comes to the fore, in being able to discern quality communication from dross. Maybe the Felix Group aren't quite there yet in this regard, but I think they are getting better - I say give them a chance.

Even if the Felix Group aren't yet at the point of providing good survival evidence, they are definitely providing great evidence of psi. I've been following their progress and I think the Felix Circle's results are improving over time, so they are one to watch.

Check them out here:

As Ray mentions in a previous post, I think there is a definite bias towards any non-English speaking research/phenomena, as the Felix Circle, a German group, get hardly any airtime when compared to English-speaking David Thompson, and yet the Felix Circle is producing far better results, including ectoplasm in red light - something which David Thompson isnt even close to yet!

The problem with the Felix circle is that self-publicity is no recommendation. (I am not saying the phenomena are not genuine, i just dont know). They would be better having someone independent and respected review their work. If it isn't ready for that, personality I'd keep my head down until it is.

As for non-English language based research, perhaps the issue is one of accessibility rather than bias? If the primary research isn't in English and isn't translated the audience will be much reduced.

Prof Stephen Braude has visited with the group several times and appears to be impressed by the physical phenomena being displayed but is suspending judgement on what he thinks is going on.

see video:

I'm in real estate and its always slow this time of year hence my latest over activity on this blog

What I usually find fascinating in paranorma/survival research is when in different places, in different times, even with different approaches, people come to somewhat similar findings. In the first Laszlo's book his "akashic field" closely resembled the concept of "ether", he even cited Alice Bailey that humans and earth have "etheric bodies"(Arthur Findlay?).In the next book,when he describes 3 ITC occasions, communicator said that he is "light and fluid" and "on higher vibrations". At the end of th echapter the priest concludes that his brother is alive in another dimention on the path of spiritual evolution.The story is of 60s.But in many respects seems similar to other afterlife encounters.That alone make it seem to me that there may be some validity in it...Pam Heath recommended me this link :

"It would be nice to have someone have these molds made of (by?) recently deceased people where finger prints are on record"

It was a fingerprint that tripped up Mina Crandon ("Margery"), a 1920s medium who claimed that her deceased brother Walter could impress his hand in dental stone and produce a thumb imprint. Sadly for Mina, investigation revealed that the fingerprint belonged to her dentist - who just happened to be the one who'd given her the dental stone, and who had demonstrated how to use it by making an impression of his thumb! Many researchers were shocked by this revelation, because they had regarded Mina as genuine (and indeed, some of her earlier phenomena are hard to explain as fraud).

My article "The Two Faces of Margery" talks about this. It's in the essays section of my author site, the same section where the ectoplasm article is found.

Hi Ray

Thanks for the link - very interesting. I have time for Stephen Braude having read one or two of his books. I can see why he would reserve judgement - very sensible at this stage. There are no controls really as he says and as he mentions himself it isn't evidential in any sense, more a curiosity. I have to say I'd agree.

In particular I thought the table-movements were interesting, but Braude accepts that more controls are needed for fraud (or ideomotor effect?) to be excluded. He did mention in the post-presentation questions that there was an IR camera under the table, if that showed the table was off the floor and there was no mechanism for fraud - that would be curious indeed (he didn't say that though). So, for me, interesting yes, but evidence of what exactly?

As it is at the moment, I don't really see the point of the phenomena demonstrated - what are the ostensible communicators intending to show in this type of situation? I don't see that this necessarily even means there were any external communicators at all if psychokinesis is a potential explanation for example (though that would be interesting in itself).

If the phenomena are genuine, I'd say they'd need a lot more development before I tried to convince others that there was anything worth thinking about, other than for entertainment purposes.

A curiosity yes, but at the moment I can't see any real value in it to a wider audience - have I missed the point? (it wouldn't be the first time!). :)

Hi Paul. I don't know what to make of the FEG. As long as the dark is involved I remain on the fence (unless it is direct voice). I would think of spirits are really communicating they would have better things to do then low grade magic shows like making lights appear and moving around coned trumpets. Personally I am a little tired of the trumpet thing, an eternity to come up with ways to entertain us mortals and all they can come up with is an aluminum cone whizzing around the room? It appears the FEG isn't even concerned with supplying veridical information from the deceased.

"A curiosity yes, but at the moment I can't see any real value in it to a wider audience - have I missed the point? "

I agree.

There are yogis that claim, and claims about yogis, that they can do all of the things we see in physical mediumship; the full range from levitations to apportments. Yet the yogis do not present the effects as evidence of spirits. Rather they say the effects are evidence of what a focussed realized mind can achieve.

As Alexander implied wasy above, there is probably overlap between what spirits can do and what we the living (isn't that an ayn rand homage?) can do because we are, afterall, first and foremost spirits ourselves.

So who knows what the Felix circle is really doing (assuming we can rule out fraud); psychokenesis? spirits contact? something else?

I've never understood the point of most physical mediumship with its ectoplasm, flying trumpets and all of that. How does it help me process the death of old Uncle Bill? How does it help me to understand that Uncle Bill lives on?

@Ray - 100% agree.

@ no one - I agree though I would just say it depends which branch of physical mediumship you're referring to. I don't see the point of whirling trumpets but full form materialisation in good light (eg Alec Harris) or Independent Direct Voice (eg Flint, Sloan, French etc) have the potential to help with Uncle Bill :)

@no one - I can confirm to degree what Paul said,regarding Sloan and French. Reading Findlay's "On the Edge of the Etheric" I've seen that for Findlay "direct voice" from Sloan was evidential enough. Piero tackles nicely Findley/Sloan in his "21 Day",where skeptci eventually say: "So much evidence.So much control" :). I've also read Randal/French "Frontiers of the Afterlife" - same goes. And thanks Ray for ITC links, from them I learned that serious people are invovled in this kind of research...though I'm still mostly stick with mental/trance mediums and reincarnation research.
Michael, last Year You "demolished" Super-PSI nicely,but have You ever discussed "Cosmic Memory" on Your blog? Or maybe it simply not worth it? The idea is back to William James, but I "classics"(Gauld,Broad,Almeder,Griffin,Braude) it doesn't seem to be even discussed.

You might want to see the latest photo on the Prescott article. Indeed that is how "irrational" Prescott is, he believes dolls are spirits.

"I've never understood the point of most physical mediumship with its ectoplasm, flying trumpets and all of that. How does it help me process the death of old Uncle Bill? How does it help me to understand that Uncle Bill lives on?"

I won't speak to the ectoplasm part. But if a trumpet can be made to fly--even if it's through psychokinesis--then that means that the mind exists, in some way, shape, or form, outside the skull. And if the mind exists outside the skull, it's not too far a stretch to think it might continue to exist even when the body dies, right?

Or to say it differently, the existence of a flying trumpet makes the whole case for materialism seem much weaker. I mean, just imagine that you're right there in the room and see a trumpet fly past, and have absolutely no rational explanation for it. How would you feel? Don't you think such an event would help to quiet the part of you that secretly believes all the spiritually-oriented people in the world must be wishful thinkers, and the Dawkins and Randi's right after all?

I know that I myself have plenty of reason to believe in the afterlife, and I do. But each time I have a precognitive dream (my own personal "flying trumpet"), or hear of one from a friend, it affects me.

Alexander Zlotnik as I said in a previous message, your entire internet history can be found on the internet. You seem to change your view on life after death every work. I see now you are peddling the akashic field theory of Lazlo. Two weeks ago you were promoting anthony peake, a month before that Theosophy, a year before that shadow matter, a year before that ectoplasm. How are you not a troll? I understand peoples ideas evolve, but you seem to promote something on countless websites, then deny it, and then move onto some totally new idea. Everything you have spammed onto forums for last 5 years contradicts eachother, and yes you have spammed many forums. I understand your 50 years old (that is 29 years older than me) but you should spend time living life than worrying about life after death. Also most of the stuff you have been peddling on countless forums has been debunked such as ectoplasm or the Hindu akashic records... Cheers.

I just took up Hi Michael's advice and visited that page again. So many problems, as Michael points out, and I was struck this time by this one:

"He also claims the mediumship of Eusapia Palladino is genuine, however Palladino was exposed as using trickery."

That's like saying that since Lance Armstrong took steroids, it proves he can't ride a bicycle.

I also believe spirits are cheesecloth, cos im an anti-science and not interested in truth.

It's true that I cited Cesare Lombroso in my ectoplasm article, though only in connection with Palladino. I'm not sure who the medium is in the RationalWiki photo, but it's not Palladino.

However, I agree that the "spirit" in that photo certainly looks like a doll, or possibly a photo cutout wrapped in a cloth.

In another article in my Essays section, I talked about the possibility that early researchers were more easily duped by primitive special effects in the seance room because they were less visually sophisticated than we are today. (The essay is called "Of Dinosaurs and Phantoms.") The focus of that article is Marthe Beraud; the piece includes a discussion of Charles Richet's work with her, in which he reported seeing a materialized form called Bien Boa. In photos, Bien Boa looks very doll-like, and I speculated that it was possibly a rod puppet.

Some similar deception may well be at work in the photo of Lombroso and the unidentified medium. Whether or not this invalidates Lombroso's work with Palladino and other mediums, in which very different types of phenomena were reported, is debatable, but it's at least a good point.

Have you, Michael, or any of the people writing on your site read "The Last Frontier" by Julia Assante, and, if so, what is your opinion on it? I am on a low income, and as much as I'd like to read all the new books coming out on the afterlife, I tend now to look to forums such as yours to guide my choices.

I think, given the enormous market provided now by aging baby boomers confronting their mortality (myself included!), we will see an incredible amount of material on the afterlife coming out from both sides of the issue---and most of it will be highly questionable as people rush to jump on this very lucrative bandwagon. And, as people have commented here, most reviews of publications and on-line material cannot be trusted as objective third-party reviews. Oh my!

Thank you for maintaining this blog (which I discovered only recently).

"I also believe spirits are cheesecloth, cos im an anti-science and not interested in truth."

This is not my comment! Identity theft has struck again.

Speaking of survival, I just discovered that I will live for at least six more years. How do I know this? I passed the test!

Anyone else care to try?

The comments

December 13, 2012 at 09:27 PM
December 13, 2012 at 09:32 PM
December 14, 2012 at 12:52 AM

are all written by Darryl.

I admit I'm unloved and am desperately seeking some form of recognition.

Hi Bruce

I liked the Lance Armstrong analogy. :)

As for psychokinesis suggesting that the mind exists outside the body, I am not so sure. It would definitely indicate the mind could affect matter through some non-physical mechanism but I can't see how it necessarily means the mind could exist separately from the body.

I have some contributions to this post.

The first is that physical mediumship is only relevant to the subject of the afterlife when from physical manifestations can infer the identity of any deceased human. Thus the levitation of objects, generation of light and sound, etc. not relevant to the subject of the afterlife, but would be relevant to the question whether something paranormal happens, but the materialization of deceased human and direct voice mediumship would be relevant to the topic of the afterlife.

And the second is that I think that the Akashic Records hypothesis is a version of the super-psi hypothesis, because the super-psi hypothesis states only that mediums extract information only from the minds of the living or the material scope, which includes Akashic Records, because if the medium information obtained through clairvoyance or accessing the Akashic Records, we do not know because we do not know what the clairvoyant. The important thing is that the Akashic Records hypothesis is also vulnerable to some objections against the super-psi hypothesis: the cross-correspondences, the drop-in communications and some spirits of the dead speak of their stay in the afterlife before taking the control medium, achieving coherence between them independently.

Another problem is that the existence of the Akashic Records is not incompatible with the existence of the afterlife, because when examining the overall evidence, not only of mediumship, the most probably there is a form of afterlife, but also can be something like to the Akashic Records. The two are not contradictory, but the problem is to figure out if a medium is in contact with the spirit of a deceased or the Akashic Records.


Michael, just a suggestion re; Darryl.

Should this person continue his trolling here to an intolerable level, you could contact the RW people and explain the issue. Darryl obviously has editing rights there as he is able to make permanent changes to the entries. Therefore, he must be registered with RW. His IP address(es) are known to them.

According to RW's stated policies, Darryl is acting out of bounds. Maybe they could terminate his rights on RW. This might take a little wind out of his sails.

Or not.

Also assumes that RW has some modicum of concern for respectability, which is a big assumption given the "quality" of the site.

Again, just a thought.

Daryl et al.

I know its the winter break at school and it is terrible to come back home for a few weeks but surely you have better things to do at your age than troll us old geezers. I know when I was 21 I was "lowering my vibrations", not harassing people who are having honest discussions. At the very least I am sure you need some money for next semester, how about a job? A girlfriend is also a good cure for hate filled rants. Just trying to help you out my man :)

It's boring to keep policing the comments, and "Darryl" apparently has an unlimited number of IP addresses, so my advice is simply to ignore him (or any weird comments that probably originate from him).

Perhaps this is how some trance mediums feel?

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