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The motivation of the bad guys might be the NDE life review. Imagine if NDEs were proved to be incontrovertibly true, and that we all knew we'd have to face a life review. And I'm assuming that Hellish NDEs would also be included. All of a sudden there would be a lot of people who wouldn't serve in that dictator's torture squad, or commit armed robbery,make meth, sell heroin, etc., because they'd be too afraid of what would happen to them in the Afterlife. The world would be completely changed - in a great way. There also wouldn't be such an incentive to acquire money and material things, because everyone would know that if they were even just a halfway decent person, there's way more waiting for them on the other side. And without the fear of death, people would feel much stronger in challenging their governments. I can't see how any bad guys would like that.

Building a spirit phone according to the channeled instructions of Thomas Edison is a key plot point in the Japanese movie The Laws of Eternity made by the new religion Happy Science.

Odd coincidence, I was hoping to watch that movie again sometime soon.

I wish you would go for it Michael. A well crafted crime / suspense novel that incorporates valid evidence of psi, NDE's and other paranormal phenomena into its plot actually might be a best seller. If so, it would stir up the skeptics, and in turn, put you in a position to be a publicly recognized defender of a rational approach to the issue.

The only caveat that I can think of here is that the evidence would have to be introduced naturally into the plot, otherwise, it would come across as too 'preachy'. The only way to pull this off would be to make the evidence, or at least the general public's lack of knowledge of the evidence a main focus of the plot.


This is great! You know I'm a fan of your fiction, so I say, "Go for it!"

As a good author should, you've even recognized and begun to deal with the challenges inherent in the idea.

Kathleen's idea for the motive is primo, too.

Happy writing!


Interesting about the Japanese movie, Avery. I was unaware of that. It points up another reason I'd be reluctant to tackle this project - I don't know enough about the genre of paranormal thrillers to avoid recapitulating other people's ideas.

I like it so far. Maybe because I really like Jack Bauer too though. People could help you avoid duplication.

Speaking of Mediumship, would some of this blog's readers mind looking at this clip and sharing there thoughts
I am normally not impressed at all with Lisa Williams, but this reading left me scratching my head.

'Someone' why are you not normally impressed by her? I have watched many of her sessions, and she gives a lot of verifiable information it seems to me. I know everyone has their favorites.

I also have more respect for alot of them after having a suicidal person enter my body, with accompanying stress hormones etc. I now think they underact sometimes. Years ago I saw a channel who was in her 80's and she worried that she would stroke, and latterly I could well understand why.

I enjoy watching the NZ version of 'Sensing Murder'. Deb Webber mentions in one episode the full name of a person of interest in a crime which was not released to the public, much to the amazement of the police officer present.

Its guess its not an exact science that performs on cue to scientific measurement. But there is much it seems, that more than demonstrates it readily exists.

Not that that was what you were implying. 'Someone'

Cheers Lyn.

there are at least 2 versions of The Laws of Eternity on YouTube
The first one that came up was blurry and the sub-titles were difficult to read. (there were 9 episodes)
this version:

was much better.(and fascinating)

She seems to throw out a lot of general information...then again, reading the piper and lenoard records may have had me spoiled.

Michael for your consideration:

The villain it goes without saying's involved in above Presidential clearance National Security (so he's best mates with the international investment banking community and exchanges Christmas cards as well [as guns and drugs] with the likes of La eMe etc etc).

But as a result of dying and being brought back to life during a secret operation for an increasingly weak heart he's not only become convinced life after death's a fact but one of two spirit groups on the other side've told him the wishy-washy liberal paranormal investigator girl's not only an unwitting potential super psychic but must be turned to his own world view or the result'll be catastrophic not just for America's security and status as top dog in the world but'll bring about the Apocalypse.

The thing is not only does it gradually become clear this NS Guy's actually a good guy in his own's terms and has history with the also increasingly ambiguous 'Jack Bauer' but it becomes increasingly difficult to tell whether his post operating theatre interactions with the sprit world're real or the result of him gradually going insane from the strain of protecting America not just from its own people but its financially and morally corrupt rulers.

For instance there's an Esoteric Christian saying which goes The Flames of Hell are the Lights of Paradise as Perceived by Sinners so when NS Guy get's shown visions involving fire is he like the Sufi student who became distraught at seeing visions of one of his dead masters apparently burning in Hell only to be told it was his own spiritual doubts and inadequacies which stopped him being able to perceive 'Hell' was actually identical to the 'flames' used in Islamic art to represent the faces of Muhammed and the Companions [a real effect I've personally experienced I might add]?

Or is he like the American people during election time being beseiged by 'shining beings of light' (some of whom seem to be former colleagues) who may not be as Mom's apple pie wholesome and squeakily clean plausible as they like to make out?

Hey Michael,

Well the thing that makes this a little far-fetched is that it's hard to say if a 'conspiracy' to block the afterlife evidence is very plausible.

We're our own conspirators. The majority of the public believes in the afterlife according to Gallup, and evidence like NDEs and ADCs being talked about on daytime high-ratings TV shows like Dr. Oz is a big factor. There's no sign of conspiracies blocking this stuff.

The church, however, could be more privy to create a conspiracy. Then, you're venturing into Dan Brown territory.

One idea could be, instead of making it an on-the-run suspense, look at the mystery angle of it. There could be information that's required to solve a cold case file that is *only* accessible by getting specific information from the deceased victims, and so it sends a hero down a rabbit hole of mediumship, life after death and the paranormal.

About the Lisa Williams tape,

I didn't count too many misses. The hit on the erroneous birth certificate was pretty darn specific, anyone caulking that up to lucky guessing has to explain why that was just randomly thrown out there as bait. My major problem with this particular example is that the medium allows the sitter to elaborate on feedback. Many good mediums just tell you to say yes or no if it makes sense or if you understand what is coming through. It's irritating when the sitter adds clues to what a medium throws out there because it's gold for sceptics to cry out cold reading

To be honest, I wouldn't include scientific research into the paranormal in mystery book. It would break the atmosphere of the story.

1. Somebody dies
2. Skeptic meets paranormal
3. 5 pages explaining scientific research
4. continuation

As for the story, I would have a Iran-Contra involving banks. Something along the lines of Banks, arms manufacturer, arms dealer, and mercenaries all agree to cause global wars for profit. So called terrorists, rebels, UN, and the US are nothing more than proxies waging proxy war.

A black ops soldier discovers the conspiracy and tries to expose it. The soldier is killed leaving behind a USB. The murder was staged as a homicide.

Male protagonist is a friend of the deceased. MP is also a black ops soldier who fought in many of these proxy wars. MP fought for the US army for over 10 years. MP became a soldier when his wife was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. His wife was the most important thing to him. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Due to his killings, he becomes cold, harden, and a broken man. He rejects anything spiritual or paranormal. He views these things as childish.

Female protagonist is a hard nose cop. She has been on the force for 12 years. She had seen everything from murders, child molestation, rape, etc. FP is a bit different in that she practices Wicca. FP has the ability to see ghosts.

At deceased funeral, FP approaches MP and tells him about deceased murder. MP questions FP on how she knows such thing. FP states that the deceased is following her, screaming for justice. MP dismisses the allegations and calls her a looney.

MP goes to deceased home. At the corner of his eyes, MP sees a group of commandos rushing into the home. The commandos raid the home looking for all equipments. MP quietly sneaks out but is caught. MP runs while the commandos are shooting him. MP is now a wanted man. With no where else to go, MP runs to FP for help.

As the story goes on we could easily sprinkle in more paranormal research. We could have a psychic mercenary and the FP could explain how such thing is possible.

We could have a OBE banker who is the ultimate high and seeker. etc

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Hence my being a little skeptical of her. Though as i said, this reading left me scratching my head.

Is this the super psi hypothesis?

No,Matt,this proposition comes in his(C.D.Broad) writing dated 1925 "Mind and its place in nature".I think super psi hypothesis came way later.Almost 40 years later ,in 1962,C.D.Broad wrote another interesting work,"Lectures on Psychic Research".
Here is what he means by psychic factor,at the bottom of the artice:

Ha ha , well done passenger, forget the 'internet' bit, and got that he/she was bookmarking the site. Well there you go, an interesting language. Cheer Lyn

If you did write it Michael I for one would certainly buy it.


I read that last paragraph. That is pretty interesting and sounds a lot like the Buddhist theory of how an entity persists over a series of lives.

Hello, Alexander1304.

I have read about the psychic factor hypothesis and I think that this hypothesis does not fit all the data.

To begin, Broad threw this hypothesis because he considered that the hypothetical spirits of the dead did not remember anything after death and before control the mediums, but this is false, because there are reports of hypothetical spirits of deceased who commented on what did before appearing at the session of mediumship. Second, communications "drop in" are virtually a falsification of the psychic factor hypothesis, because in these communications appears an individual with their own motivations do not identify with the motivations or even unconscious of the living, and only a mind can have motivations. And third, apart from mediumship is evidence on the existence of an invisible body associated with living beings that prove to be the vehicle of consciousness after the death of organic body, such as Karlis Osis experiments with psychic Tanous.

Alexander1304, you're right, I mentioned J. Alfred's "Our Invisible Bodies" and I also find it interesting, because with modern physics we may be about to discover the material that make up the various invisible bodies are commonly known as the astral body.

Alexander1304, I already knew the book by Gerhard Wasserman, though I could not find a copy of the book. I think what he calls "shadow matter" is the same as what physicists call "dark matter", and according to the book by J. Alfred, this matter is a possible candidate to compose the etheric body according to theosophy. I still I have no very clear that the etheric body is made of dark matter, but all the empirical evidence on the existence of this body points to the etheric body is made of some kind of material, and I believe that through recent advances in particle physics we are getting closer to unravel the matter of the etheric body.

"He's also just cynical enough to believe that some persons in authority might not be eager to let out the paradigm-shifting news of personal immortality (though I must admit, the motivation of the bad guys in my story is not entirely clear to me"

How about the total disintegration of materialism and all that it infers. The roiling of the markets and the crumbling of authority even the soaring of suicide rates to escape this world. My father, a conspiracy "nut" at heart always believed that the proof of life after death was being withheld in order to keep control of the masses.


It's the Edison estate's patent attorneys!

Or maybe it's spirits who are after her, because she bypassed their Do Not Disturb sign on their door.

Juan,I'm not so sure about empirical evidence for etheric body,at least from the standpoint of science.Maybe from the standpoint of clairvoyance - yes.Also some "communicators",such as "Myers" also talk about etheric body.The books of Findlay and Randall were built on that.Sometimes thes subtle bodies are called "energy bodies".Do you believe in possibility that there could be not one,but few subtle bodies,as Alfred states?Like etheric,astral,casual etc.And as I discussed this topic with Alan Gauld,he doesn't see how postulating additional bodies solves the problem of mind/matter iteraction

Alexander1304, there is empirical evidence on the etheric body, both anecdotal and experimental.

The anecdotal evidence would first of all the apparitions of the living and dead, people who have had extracorporeal experiences and a surprising phenomenon called "reciprocal apparitions" where someone is projected to a certain place and there is perceived by any witness who was in the place.

As experimental evidence we have for example the experiments of Albert de Rochas on the exteriorization of sensibility and motility and experiments of Karlis Osis with psychic Tanous. Unfortunately these experiments today have been largely forgotten, but not because they were not valid, but because they do not fit the current scientific paradigm.

And on the problem of the interaction between mind and body, is the first time I see someone related to the etheric body. The invisible bodies do not postulate to solve the problem of interaction between mind and body, but merely observe certain phenomena and infer from them the existence of the etheric body. Clearly the invisible bodies do not solve the problem of interaction between mind and body, but not his objetive. I think the interaction between mind and body is to be taken as a primitive fact, it just happens, as we accept many things without further explanations.

This is interesting.Does this negates the notion of the immaterial soul or Spirit? Does it negate reincarnation, for which there is also evidence? I've recently read 2 books, "Afterlife Unveiled" and "Afterlife Revealed".I wonder - does the notion of "etheric body" fit with traditional picture of "different levels"

Alexander1304, in fact, this kind of evidence denies the notion of immaterial soul, but really this is just a semantic problem, because I think what is meant by the notion of immaterial soul that the soul is not composed of the ordinary matter. We can talk of immaterial soul, but only if we understand that the soul is the vehicle of consciousness consists of a non-ordinary matter.

About reincarnation, none of this evidence I have shown is against reincarnation, but rather the opposite, because the etheric body would serve as a container of memories and personality of a person between the successive lives.

And about the "different levels", I do not know if you're referring to the afterlife is made up of different planes or levels, but this fits with the existence of the etheric body because we can consider that the etheric body is also composed of different levels or levels.

Anybody else see the Lisa Williams link? Thoughts?


You should take the time to look at all of them. She is winning me over with very specific hits for each person. The only thing is I want to see some real unedited footage. These samples ate probably her best and they probably wouldn't stack up with even some of the golden age mediums off days. However it looks like there is more going on than simple cold reading. Watch the with the young widow who lost her husband in Iraq, there are some very unique hits.

Sorry for grammar and spelling using IPhone to respond

"they probably wouldn't stack up with even some of the golden age mediums off days"

I don't know about that. The old-time mediums had their share of problems. Researchers at the time admitted that a lot of the communications were "gibberish," while some of the other material was either unverifiable or too vague. We tend to remember the most impressive cases, just as we tend to remember the best movies of yesteryear and not the stinkers; this can give the impression that all old movies are great (they aren't) or that all the old-time mediums were superstars.

Of course, it's also an "apples and oranges" comparison in some ways, because yesterday's mediums were often trance mediums, while virtually none of today's mediums fit that description.

I assume mediums are like non-electrical EVPs. They receive sounds and have to translate it into English. I would assume some are good but the majority is ambiguous noises subjected to interpretation

I think it was Fredrick Myers who said it's like talking to an obtuse secretary through frosted glass. This is the reason I am more interested in near death experiences and death bed visions than what comes out of the mouths of Mediums. I suspicion what we get is a mixture of stuff from the mind of the Medium mixed with little bits and pieces from the other side. Difficult to sort it all out.


I think the Lisa Williams video is pretty impressive.



Ok. I am now semi-convinced by her. One medium i am not very impressed with at all is the Long Island Medium.


Maybe you'd be impressed by a Long Island Iced Tea. :)

I'm not Matt. I seem to attract "mischievous spirits" when I down one of those :)

I have been many times...some of those times, too much to remember my enjoyment :P

Haha, ye lads!

Matt maybe would should take about Alcholic beverages more than reincarnation, we tend to agree more and the conversations are more fun :D

Have ya'll ever watched any videos of George Anderson? He's pretty amazing. Of all the Mediums I've seen on TV or videos he's my favorite. I think Dr. Gary Schwartz would call George Anderson a superstar. There are some youtube videos of George Anderson if you are interested in watching a few of his readings.

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