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Okay ... In that case, I can't ban fake Paul, though otherwise I would, just because he's rude and disruptive and refuses to change his screen name.

Do you know why the NYU server's geographical location is Kansas City, MO?

Never mind. A little more investigation determined that the server is part of Time Warner, which presumably provides Internet service for NYU.

I'm still a little confused. The NYU server has a different IP address than the one I traced, and a different server name. It doesn't seem to be connected with Time Warner Cable, as I'd originally assumed. And I find it unlikely that NYU would route their Internet traffic through a server in Missouri. I was also under the impression that each computer terminal on a network has its own IP address, though I could be wrong.

Any computer whizzes want to clear up my confusion? As the King of Siam would say, it is a puzzlement.

FYI, here's the skinny on the NYU server, which (not surprisingly) is located in New York City.


You have such dedicated posters that I do think a login system would be preferable. Just put a note to contact you at the bottom of your posts if someone wishes to comment, and you can send them a login/password. That is what I intend to do with my own blog.

I've experimented with the log-in system offered by TypePad, but it sucks. It requires you not only to log in via Facebook, Twitter, etc., but also to enter one of those frustrating CAPTCHA codes. And it identifies you not as Matt Rouge or Michael Prescott, but as A Facebook User. So everyone who logs in with FB is identified the same way: A Facebook User ... A Facebook User ... A Facebook User ...

Convenient, eh? Instead of two Pauls, we'd have twenty A Facebook Users.

TypePad is really falling behind other blog hosting operations. I could switch to a new host service, but I don't want to deal with the hassle right now.

The peculiar Passenger/fake Paul situation doesn't really bother me. I'd just like to understand what's going on, for curiosity's sake. Maybe it really is an NYU server ... in Missouri ... run by Time Warner ... and all users have the same IP addy ... but somehow it doesn't add up for me.

Anyway, I've generally found Passenger's comments interesting, so if there's more to the story that he would like to tell, I'd be happy to hear it, and I wouldn't anticipate any repercussions.

Oh, BTW, I don't think TypePad allows for the kind of password protected comment system you describe.


My blog is on the Wordpress platform, and I pay my web guy to host it, and I'm pretty happy with what WP does. I think you could probably export your blog posts and set up WP pretty easily, but you would lose your ".typepad." URL, which would not be convenient. Switching costs, ugh.

Maybe you could offer Passenger amnesty in which he fesses up to being "Fake Paul" and you forgive the transgression, lol. Actually, I would be surprised (but not too surprised) if they were the same gent, since Fake Paul is an a-hole and Passenger is, as you say, a very apt commenter.

The GUID is computer DNA, IP addresses usually tell us nothing, especially with wireless routers everywhere (unprotected ones at that). A GUID will pinpoint the exact component one is using.

That's an interesting thought Passenger. I think a strict materialist would argue that our body's mechanisms are robotic and generate thoughts based on prior data that's been inputed via the 5 senses throughout our lives. We can't induce a thought that's never been inputed into our hard drives.

"TypePad is really falling behind other blog hosting operations."

Typepad has made a bad impression on me with the way it won't accept a comment if another comment has been posted subsequent to the user's last screen-refresh. And it's error message doesn't explain that rationale, but mysteriously informs the user only that his comment can't be accepted. It's been that way for years. I'm sure user's have complained, but nothing's been done. That's arrogant and unfriendly.

Though I have noticed that sometimes my comments are rejected, Roger, I wasn't aware of the reason.

TypePad showed no interest in fixing their new CAPTCHA system despite many complaints. Their attitude was "take it or leave it."

ok never mind guys. I see what's going on.

Apparently NYU just updated their systems. In the old days I would click Start-log off. Under windows 7/8? I need to click Start-log off-ok-log off now.

So apparently I haven't logged off in the last week or so...and apparently I can log on to more than one computer at one time (i use the computer lab).

So I guess someone was trolling you. As for the kansas city thing, beats me.

Another huge flaw in typepad, experienced here many times and now defacing the good blog Paranormalia, is the curse of bold/italics: if someone forgets the close the bold or italics tag, the entire page will be in bold or italics (or both!) until the page is filled up and a new page started. Only an admin is capable of going in and manually fixing the errant message.

Really dumb and unacceptable coding, IMHO.

Thanks for the explanation, Passenger. I was curious to know how it happened.

I know this is off topic but I just had my first bagel today.

It's 100x better than a doughnut

First bagel? Are you like *not* from the US?!

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