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Well, the good news is you can still write. :o) So what's the big black dot in the middle of Super Skeptic's head. A miniature yarmulke?

I love it Michael. I gave it a go myself and posted it on your facebook. It's not terrific, but I didn't have a lot of time. It's called Materialist Certainty.

By the way, you say we're gonna hear from Super Skeptic from "beyond the grave." That's a fantasy of all us "believers," isn't it? To hear what someone like Randi would have to say when he realizes his body is kaput but he's not.

And now, through the magic of Prescott plus StripGenerator, it's actually gonna happen! This is big, folks.

Not to put too much pressure on you, Michael, for your next episode. :o)

Cute - does Super Skeptic come back from the grave next week to explain how NDEs are caused by lack of oxygen in the bloodstream and how the afterlife is a complete impossibility?

I'm not sure it'll really be a continuing series. Though if it were, I'd have to introduce Super Skeptic's teenage sidekick, Fanboy.

Funny, Michael, though I too wondered about the large oval on his forehead!

The character images are preset by StripGenerator, so you'll have to ask them about the oval. I assume it's meant to make him look angry.

Methinks there's been some spam.

Invasion of the spambots!!!

Battle stations! Battle stations!

I may have to go to sign-in mode before long.
Michael have you read this (and the report behind it?)

Someone, who wrote the article, where did it come from, and where is the first 6 parts?

just move backwards a page

WHat is some of the good evidence for PK

Holy crap! we need super septic er, "Skeptic" to kill the spambots....

Haha - loved it.

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