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They had been wiser simply to make a miniseries out of a Michael Prescott novel!

Nice review. I think I'll be sitting this one out. :)

After watching only one episode my first question was how can the writers maintain the story line for more than one season? To me the whole premise is inherently limiting so that I can't foresee a multi-year run. Of course, I could be wrong and not see developments the show's creators have in mind. However my hunch is that whatever these developments are they would have to be far fetched in order to keep this show from running out of steam.

Try Touch, with Kiefer Sutherland. So far it's pretty good, and it would be nice if things actually worked that way.

I couldn't even make it past the commercials showing Judd ordering others around rather unconvincingly. You're right, she doesn't come across as someone with the ferocity required to make the role convincing.

This is totally off-topic to Michael's post, but I've been meaning to mention this, as I thought it would really interesting to those here. I stumbled upon something called Induced After Death Communication. It was developed by psychologist Dr. Alan Botkin treating vets with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Botkin puts his patients in a sort of trance; he reports that many of his patients reported encountering the deceased. Some of the accounts are just amazing. He doesn't claim that his patients are actually meeting the deceased, but that they do find it a very healing experience. There's more here at Apparently it's a teachable thing, and other psychologists are using it. Boy, would I like to give it a try...


I have also heard of Induced After Death Communication. It seems very interesting.

I wrote a little about IADCs here:

It's a very interesting field, though I did have one reader tell me that he'd tried it himself, using an approved therapist, with disappointing results.

BTW, I watched Taken again and found that I was wrong on one point. Upon being rescued, Maggie Grace doesn't say, "I knew you'd come for me." She says, "You came for me?" in a tone of astonishment. This is actually better, and certainly makes more sense than the expectation of the kid on Missing that his flower-shop mom will somehow find him and save him from international kidnappers.

Maybe the kid is psychic and just *knows* his mommy will save him. :|

It does not sound like a very good show.

If I was given a free vacation to a castle in Europe when I was 18, I would not be hoping for my mother to "rescue" me. I would be leaving clues to throw her off track.

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FWIW, I added an update to my review after watching another two episodes. I'm liking the show better now. Not loving it, but it's getting better, or maybe I'm just getting easier to please.

Do you think spammers continue to solicit in the spirit world?

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