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Testing comments. Note that signing in with TypePad, Facebook, etc. is optional, not mandatory (at least for now).

Thanks, Michael! Typepad seems like a good system overall, but there have been some interface quirks.

Morever I am seeing some intriguing dialogue on the blog as of late, lots of good ideas and comments floating around from different perspectives

Blood is thicker than water. O.O

See, without CAPTCHA we're already getting spammed. Yes, I'm looking at you, Super Bandit Shoes.

How about requiring logins, Michael, without captcha?

On the captcha topic...

I may require logins without CAPTCHA if comment spam becomes a problem, and especially if the X-rated spam makes a comeback. For now we'll just see how it goes.

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Mobile spy, you are making me miss CAPTCHA already! :-(

I'm all for any options to filter out the spammers, though it seems like Typepad ought to be able to detect and filter these without the need for a Captcha. If Google can do it for email, Typepad can do it for spam posts too.

I'm probably going to require social media log-ins soon. The spam is already pretty bad, and it's only been a few days. You're right that TypePad could do a much better job of filtering out spam.

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