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Zerdini, my best reading was with Georgia O'Connor.

Thanks Reo and Lay, I've tried the website email and I'm just awaiting a reply! If nothings going I'll try ringing him.
Interesting about Georgia O'Connor, never heard of her! Has she been tested?

This probably won't post. I'll be presented with a figure that I must copy, and can't.

I posted! I'm Matriarch of the Erie, and we are holographic. Each member contains the whole. That is the nature of reality.

I read your blog, Micheal Prescott, and you are saying thinking stuff. I spontaneously become another.I think what they think, experience what they experience, even death. I'm an old Indian shaman, who has a son (TJ, born 1971) that is reincarnated from my brother, David, who committed suicide in 1958. My oldest son (Dusty, born 1970)is the reincarnation of a female member of the oversoul, Lorrie, who died from hanging at age nine. And I have no doubt that my granddaughter-- we call her baby-- is my mother, who died a few years ago. Baby knows my son, her father, as Lorrie and her uncle TJ as her son, David, who shot himself.
My mother still exists in another dimension, even as she exists as Baby. As both a process and an object. I relate to reality on a holographic consciousness.

As far as I know, Georgia O'Connor hasn't been tested. I don't know if her other readings were good, though she has some nice testimonials.

I am going to give Georgia a chance for Wednesday the 18th...we shall see how it goes. My only concern is that even googling my name and number brings up a plethora of information about me that could be used as specific "hits". I will have to take notes during the conversation and compare them with what could be discovered online. I am optimistically skeptic on this experience but will let everyone know how it goes.

How or why would she know who you are Ray? Use a pseudonym if you're worried.

Just paranoid (I heard they had medication for that) but also want to roll out info digging. Nevertheless this is my first experience after 2 years of afterlife research so I am quite excited.

Hey Ray, go post some bogus bs out the net about yourself and see if the psychic repeats any of it back to you. That can be your test of the "got it off the internet" theory. But don't make it anything obvious, like you're ten feet tall or you are attracted to darfs in swim fins and snorkle gear.

Be subtle. You live in a big city if you actually live in the country or vice versa.

Good luck

One thing Im considering trying, is finding a cold reader, or someone that claims that that explains all the information mediums get. Give them the same information as Georgia or whoever, tell the cold reader he or she can find out as much as they can with the information they give, and compare readings!

Thank you, Michael, for your reply re Georgia O'Connor.

I note you state in your report "While I prefer to keep the details private, I found the reading strongly evidential and emotionally meaningful."

Did you receive evidence of survival from family members and/or personal friends and what do you mean by 'emotionally meaningful'?

I understand your reticence to disclose details as this was only your third sitting with a medium. Did you use a pseudonym when booking your telephone reading?

Zerdini, Georgia O'Connor knew me as Michael Prescott. However, that's not my real name; it's a pen name. The reading didn't blow me away, but it was accurate for the most part, and some specific details, such as a message I delivered to a relative in the ICU, were correct. (Admittedly, the message was something that possibly could be guessed.) This message was "emotionally meaningful" to me, since I placed great emphasis on it at the time.

BTW, Marcel Cairo has reappeared on Facebook.

Cheers Michael(or whatever your real name is haha) Managed to find him this time, might have a reading with both him and Georgia, will just have to go without food this month...

Ray - I will be very interested in the outcome of your readings with Georgia and/or Marcel (assuming you choose to share).

FWIW, I've had readings from both Sylvia Browne (in person) and Char Margolis (by phone). My goal was to see how talented they were and to then share my experience with others - sort of a personal research project. In both cases, zero evidence of psychic ability. I hope yours is better!

And thannks, MP, for your information about Georgia.

Thanks Michael for your prompt reply.

One thing Im considering trying, is finding a cold reader, or someone that claims that that explains all the information mediums get. Give them the same information as Georgia or whoever, tell the cold reader he or she can find out as much as they can with the information they give, and compare readings!

You should just arrange your reading such that you don't say anything at all - whatsoever, no 'yes' or 'no'. A cold reader can also extract information from body language but if it's a phone reading this isn't an issue.

Also - you should book the meeting under a different name.

PD, I'm not surprised that you were unimpressed with Sylvia Browne. If you want some entertainment, use the Google search box on the left side of this page to search for her name. I've written about her gaffes, failed predictions, and general idiocy.

My favorite example of a Sylvia goof was when someone asked her if the remains of noted atheist Madelyn Murray O'Hair would ever be found. Sylvia confidently replied that they would not. Unfortunately for Sylvia, the remains had already been found, more than a year earlier! (O'Hair was murdered; the killer was eventually caught, and he led the police to the body.) Not only does Sylvia stink at predicting the future, she can't even predict things that have already occurred!

People like her is what gives sceptics ammunition to discredit all the work that was done by great men over the past century (and then some). It wound be funny if it werent so tragic. If I was seeking knowledge on the subject without any prior introduction and she was the first "medium" I came across I would be on JREF forum right now :)

Here is an example of survival evidence written by a “Two Worlds” reporter:

“One of the best displays of evidential clairvoyance and clairaudience that I have witnessed for a long time was given by Mr. Hunter Selkirk at West Stanley last week.

The West Stanley Church, which is doing useful work in a busy mining area of Durham, held its largest propaganda meeting when over 500 people were present.

“Mr. Hunter Selkirk, of Craghead, is a collier, a man in the prime of life, a fine example of muscular manhood, and I particularly liked the naturalness with which he did his work.

“There was no desire to create a great impression, no attempt to pose before his audience, no theatrical display. He was a working man who talked on the platform as he would talk amongst a company of friends. He was evidently under a strong measure of spirit control, for here and there the broken English of his inspirer obtruded itself. In every case he indicated the individual for whom his description was intended. In the course 45 minutes he gave evidence to 18 different people, and his descriptions were accompanied by names and particulars which made identity sure.

“Mr. Selkirk started by saying: ‘There’s a friend here upon the platform who says she is Mrs Coxon and that she comes for Mr and Mrs Jack, who are in the audience. She also brings a friend by the name of Rutherford.’
Speaking to a lady at the side of Mrs Jack he said: ‘Your Auntie is here and your husband, too; he wants you to stop fretting, to buck up and catch the sunshine.’

There’s a young girl here who wants her mother; it is for you, madam,” indicating a lady in the audience. “She says she’s your daughter, Janie. She tells me that the person sitting next to you is her Granny; hcr Grandad comes with her and brings his love. They also bring a woman here who wants her husband; she says she’s Mrs. Cook. Her husband is not here hut you know him, and she wants you to convey the message to him. ‘Tell him not to bother to take flowers to my grave every week, but to put the flowers before my photograph in the home.’

“Pointing to another lady he said: ‘There’s a man here who says he is William Young, and that he passed away at Bumopfield. He brings a bad condition of the chest, which had much to do with his passing. He is brought by Jack and Robert, both of whom belong to you. They also bring with them Mrs Curry and Mr Croft. Mr Croft evidently belonged to some society or something, for when his name is mentioned he wants to shout “present.” They tell me you have visited the hospital today. You have no need to worry; the patient will recover.’

“Speaking to another lady and gentleman, he said: ‘With you there’s Mrs Miller and Jane Ann Oliver; she died at Blackhill, and you are to tell Tom that she’s been. They tell me that you are both investigators who are just starting your interest in the subject. You are both going to be successful.

“‘Then there’s Mrs Walton who passed away near where you live. She wants to speak to Tom. She was an elderly lady, over 70, and she says that she passed away in the Old Miners’ Home. There’s someone with her who says his name is Thomas, and he tells me to tell you that William has arrived safely.’

“Speaking to another lady, he said: ‘There’s a young girl for you, called Ivy, closely related to you. She’s about 18 or 19 and had long golden hair. She must have passed away some time ago, as she evidently died before permanent waves were in vogue.

“To another member of the audience, Mr Selkirk described an old lady of 89 years of age whose name was Nellie Blatchford. There was also a Mrs Barde there, who said she wanted her son. Mrs Bartle said that she wished she could stay a week and tell her son all he wanted to know, but at any rate she could assure him that ‘Spiritualism is the key to the house of perfect happiness.’ The son was advised to keep working and to dig hard and he would presently get all his difficulties and doubts explained.

“There was not a single point made by Mr. Selkirk in connection with any of the descriptions which was not clearly acknowledged as correct.

“The meeting at West Stanley created a tremendous impression on an interested audience, and the evidence produced by this fine clairvoyant left no doubts in the minds of his hearers.”

Hunter Selkirk was also one of the finest Materialisation and Direct Voice mediums in the 20th Century.

I wanted to talk about my reading with Georgia O'Conner today. I thought it was pretty impressive. I have been studying ways to prepare for these readings and I did some meditation last night about who I was hoping to connect with today, it was my 2 grandmothers and my father who all passed.

Georgia opened up with stating that there are two grandmothers and a father present with the same name (true my had the same name as me but could easily look that up). My Dad took the bulk of the reading and his mannerisms came through which isn't really evidence that is too impressive for anyone on here. There were a few specific hits that were compelling:

He said he is sorry he couldn't be at my wedding 2.5 years ago (it was right before he passed) and that celebration is in order because he knows my wife is due in April (which she is)

He congratulated me on the house I bought right after that and how we "moved out of the little house" (which is what he called my old house)

Now after I got off the phone I immediately started trying to figure out how this data could be mined. My home address is public record and you can easily go on zillow to see when the house was bought. The wedding date comes up if you google my name and my wife's name because we had an online registry. The pregnancy could easily be found out by going on my facebook page and viewing the pictures of my wife. Unlikely that she did all this in just a few short days but you cannot rule it out.

The biggest hit was exactly the kind of evidence I was looking for, that being something that is unkown to me but later turns out to be true after verification. This piece of evidence really hit home, even if you could throw out all the others.

My grandmother came through and Georgia said, "Your grandmother is worried about Kathy. Kathy has a horemonal imbalance and her thyroid is really acting up. She is worried and wants her to go to the doctors about that."

I didn't know my mom had a thyroid issue and I thought this was a miss. After I hung up the phone I called her to discuss this and she said just this week her thyroid was giving her a huge problem and was giving her migraine headaches. With HIPPA here in the U.S. there is no way that she could have known that. In addition, my mom has no internet presence and doesn't have a social networking page so that would be almost impossible to find out.

The other evidence could, with great labor, be found out but that piece is hard for me to come up with a rational explaination.

Last item, similar to Michael's reading with her, Georgia stated that my dad freezes up my computer on purpose to let me know he is present. However, this one caught me off guard because I know she said something similar to Michael Prescott so that one is being discarded. It is true my computer freezez up but that could be for it's poor quality!

There was other items I could talk about but I don't think they are strong enough to rule out mind reading or data mining. It was impressive that she landed my dads name, my grandmothers name and my mom's name. The grandmother's name she mentioned died in 1997 so there is no online obituary. It would be difficult to dig that up. Georgia nailed the names on the first try and said them very confidently...there was no "I am getting a K or a P or a.." Overall, I was impressed and I will probably call her again to see if I can gain further results.

Thanks for that Ray interesting stuff! I have had contact with Georgia and will be arranging a reading with her soon, shall I post my thoughts on the reading on this afterward, so we can compare and that?
Also was wondering...any misses of note?

Great idea Robbie. There were two slightly off remarks

1) The way she described my dads death- she said it was an infection, it was was a stomach bleed out caused by alchoholism. But my mom said his kidneys could have been failing since he wasting having his required dialysis and also the stomach bleeding would lead to an infection. So this actually could be a hit. I was disagreeing with her on this and she said that my dad was very stubborn about stating it was an infection

2) She was being shown an image of a small house initially that we moved in to, we moved OUT of a small house into a bigger one so I will chalk that up to miscommunication :)

Overally those were the only items and the first one very well could be correct but it is inconclusive.

Ray, thank you very much for sharing. That sounds like a very good reading to me. I think you have exactly the right attitude in considering if it would be possible to data-mine the info, but also looking at the hits and at the reading in its entirety.

I've found that sometimes the most impressive things in a reading are difficult or impossible to describe later, because they involve a sense of emotional connection with the deceased, which of course could be chalked up to wishful thinking on the sitter's part. But when you experience this for yourself, it is very difficult to shake free of the feeling that you really were in personal contact with the other person.

In the reading I had with Georgia, there were certain statements that just seemed eerily "in character" with the purported communicator. I have not had that experience with the other three mediums I've tried, for the most part. (To a smaller degree I did experience it with Marcel Cairo, but Marcel himself said that it was an off-day for him, and he was dissatisfied with the reading.) Of course, four mediums are not very many, but I try to pick good ones, who can be hard to find!

I found one video and only one on youtube of Georgia O'Conner giving a reading to a couple of people in a audience on an american TV show, I wasn't too convinced with the first reading as it seemed too generalised and was more advice about the woman's career, second reading though I was a bit more convinced she might be legit she said the name Joyce, since I am not american I don't know how common of a name it is there but I don't think it would be that common? it was only a small audience also but she also discussing about complications with Joyce's passing.

really stuff like that can't be researched with a person she has never met before and is just put on the spot like that, so she probably is more likely a legit medium than a fraud, I am considering a reading with her myself as she doesn't charge too much for a 30 minute one and there is one family member who I lost to suicide I would be interested in hearing from if thats possible to, I ofcourse would not give her my real name either.

Just checked her website. There seems to be a sense of honesty there that I like. For example, in the faq section, she actually says she prefers you not to tell her who you wish to contact beforehand, because she wants the information to be as validating as possible for you.

She also has no issue with telephone sessions and she recognises that some people prefer them as it lessens the chance for 'cold reading' to take place.

I also think her fees are reasonable. She has an ability and she makes a living out of it, which i have no problem with, in the same way that a doctor or therapist also has to make a living doing what they are good at.

She also says she will not turn anyone away who genuinely can't afford a reading.

Additionally, she puts her hands up and says that occasionaly she doesnt get any results. In such cases, your money will be returned.

I'm tempted to give her a go as well, utilising some of the verificaiton methods described by Ray. I am in the UK but she seems to deal with international clients in the same way as domestic US clients.

Thanks guys. I would be interested to hear your experiences. I might actually book another one a few months down the road. I can tell you that a half hour really isn't enough time to really get more than a few bits of meaty evidence. I will book an hour next time and explore this further.

Ray-they were the only misses!? Thats pretty impressive, I'm definately booking with her.
Michael-Can I ask-what made you pick Georgia in the first place? And who are the other three mediums you had a reading with?

If you guys wanna see some impressive mediumship on youtube, type 'George Anderson' and watch the videos. Some of the hits are ridiculous, the only issue is some of the readings were recreations.

Hi, I just posted on a different thread the other day that I am having a reading with Robert Schoeller on the 7th. He is on Long Island and, from what I can tell, is the real deal. I will let you all know what happens.

I just made another appointment for Feb 19th for a full hour. Georgia said I could ask any questions I wanted to get answers from the "spirits" so I am going to compile some very personal questions that only my dad would know. Apparently "he" had a lot more to say but the spirits were also only on the clock for a half hour as well. If I can get additional private details I think I will be satisfied. However, I had the morning after skepticism, as the late David Fontanna mentioned in his book. My rationale and logical side is not able to process the reality of this. I hate to say it but I think a family member could appear right in front of me and tell me they still live in spirit and I would still be skeptical. I really want to believe I was talking to the deceased but it is an internal struggle to believe the unseen...the the journey for truth continues.

Ray, Of course some might suggest that telepathy is responsible (even although that is not accepted by mainstream science either), but one factor that argues against the super psi/telepathy explanation is that the medium told you things that even you did not actually know at the time (your Mom's thyroid issue), so it's hard to say that she plucked the info from your mind when the info wasnt there to start with!

I know and that is exactly the type of evidence I was looking for to rule out psi. It is intoxicatingly intriguing to say the least.

"Michael-Can I ask-what made you pick Georgia in the first place? And who are the other three mediums you had a reading with?"

The other mediums were Laurie Campbell, Marcel Cairo, and a local medium who's not well known.

I didn't actually pick Georgia. Her husband emailed me and offered me a free reading. He liked the blog and wanted me to try a phone session with her. Naturally I thought this could just be a play for publicity, but I was willing to go along. He said he had not told his wife anything about me and she was unaware of my blog; you can choose to believe this or not. Having had the reading, I do believe it, but I can see why others might not. In any event, the reading turned out to be the best I'd had, and the info that came through had nothing to do with anything I'd blogged about.

Interesting Michael, thanks for your response. My reading with Georgia is quite soon, and I'll relay details of it here. Then we'll have three readings to go with, and can maybe start to make sense of it, spot patterns and so on.
The thing that makes it hard for Georgia to find out anything about you, is the fact you use a pen-name, not your real name. I've had a go at finding out stuff about me on the internet, using my name and E-mail (which is all Georgia has) and haven't had much luck. Would be useful if I could get a hold of someone who is good at the whole 'detective' stuff, and see what they can find out.

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