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Hope you're OK, my friend!



The blogosphere is not the same without you!

I'm fine, just busy with various issues. Thanks for the good words.

While we're taking a break from usual discussions, has anyone else been keeping up to date with the cold fusion revolution that looks to be taking place in Italy thanks to one Andrea Rossi:

It does look like the real deal this time. On the website you can find a recent video from NASA where they appear to be jumping on the bandwagon too (too late IMO).

If CF is finally proven, it has certainly come at the right time.

I think CF is factual because the research has been stonewalled by the same issues that dog valid paranormal research.

The evidence IS there, and has been building up over the last 20 years, but it has been ridiculed and ignored because it doesnt fit in with current theories - sound familiar? At the same time, certain whackos on the fringe of the research have also served to hinder acceptance - again familiar!

Rossi is an engineer, he doesnt care about proving theories, he only cares whether it works, and it does. The theoretics will come later. I think 2012 will be the year of the E-cat - Watch this space!

Anyone know anything about Richard Schoeller from Long Island. There was a chapter written about him in a book called "Ghosts of Long Island 2". I am going to go to him for reading in February, but I had never heard of him up until that point.

Richard P. Schoeller is an Ordained Minister, a National Spiritualist Teacher, a Certified Medium and a Commissioned Spiritualist Healer for Summerland Church of Light, NSAC, Hauppauge, NY.

Thanks Zerdini, I had googled that. I was wondering if anyone had heard if he is considered honest and legitimate. The only other person here on Long Island I have ever heard of is George Anderson, but he is very expensive. As I am often in spiritual crisis, I was looking for someone I don't expect to be ripped off by. (like the women in the palm reading shops who tell you you are cursed and need to buy $500 candles from them that they can burn for you to get the evil spirits away)

What do you mean by "spiritual crisis" j9?

You could contact the NSAC and ask for a reference for this medium.

I'm sure they would help you as he is one of their members.


Paul, LOL. By spiritual crisis I mean, "what happens if I die and there is nothing, if I never see my kids again, my best friends, if there is an after life, what if I go to hell, what if something happens to my kids, how could I possibly live, etc..." You get the idea, I'm a real Debbie Downer! I want to believe, and I pray every night for the health and safety of my kids and the world, but I'm so often afraid, it can be debilitating.

Oh, and thanks, Paul, for asking :-)

Hi j9

I don't think you're a "Debbie downer" at all. It looks to me like you recognise one of the fundamental questions about existence and don't have an answer to it at the moment.

I would suggest, if I may, that you continue to research the subject and read a little of the evidence to support survival (or continue reading it - in my own case re-reading some of the more interesting research!). Whilst I wouldn't deter anyone from praying for enlightenment, there is much evidence to support the idea that we survive this physical life. It will provide a more solid foundation than 'hope'.

Knowledge is power. The more I read, the more confident I feel in the fundamentals of what I have learned and the less vulnerable to buffeting from propaganda and uninformed comment. Oddly, I think it makes me more open to considering opposing views rationally. Even better though would be direct personal experience but this seems harder to find, at least where I live.

Good luck. :)

Thanks, Paul! I appreciate the advice. "Knowledge is Power", Sir Francis Bacon is one of my favorite quotes.

Thanks J9. I didn't realise I was quoting him! :)

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