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Thanks, Michael! That John Cleese piece is PERFECT, and really funny.

On a day that's been pretty frustrating overall, I can honestly say: I needed that!

But then again, don't take my last remark too seriously. There's a gene that makes people write appreciative comments in blogs.

Nice, Michael. Sounds like a good chunk of change! I plan to launch an ebook soon too. I'll check out the link...

Don't get too cocky, I bought 139,999 of them. ;)

Seriously, that's so awesome!

"I've sold 140,000 ebooks so far this year. "

Wow-I looked at the first part of this post and didn't even see that figure til I read Matt's comment. Congratulations!

You must feel pretty good about it, and rightfully so. I remember well that when you first went the ebook route, you mentioned it casually, as if it were just a silly little unimportant thing to do.

How have people been finding out about your ebooks?

J9 said:

"Don't get too cocky, I bought 139,999 of them. ;)"

By any chance, are you into piano instructional materials?


Bruce said "by any chance are you into piano instructional materials?"

No Bruce, but I'm willing to learn though! Double :o)

"How have people been finding out about your ebooks?"

The most useful thing has been to promote the books on the Amazon discussion boards. Many of these boards are focused on Kindle titles, and authors' "shameless self-promotion" is encouraged on some of them.

Facebook has also been useful, and I am hoping Twitter will be, once I come up with a plan on how to use it.

Hilarious, thanks!! Any clue as to why/for what purpose this was produced, a particular show or series?

Thank you for the hilarious video Michael and Greg! I have to pass this one around to my materialist friends.

And Michael, as far as the e-book sales go, doncha know? Gerald Woerlee downloaded 140,000 of 'em. After you spend all the money, he's gonna come after you for his money back. Something about being under the influence of hypoxia. Or was it hypercarbia? I swear, sometimes after reading his NDE "explanations", it seems like he's been huffing something. :-)

Legal disclaimer note for the roast-humor challenged - this is a joke.

Dr. Woerlee can afford them. He is an anesthesiologist--the ultimate kind of doctor.

Thanks to Bruce, Matt, and J9 for the kind words about my sales. Yes, it's true that I did not expect to sell many ebooks and am very surprised at the way things are going.

"Any clue as to why/for what purpose this was produced, a particular show or series?"

Sorry, no idea.

That was hilarious. While watching it, I had a feeling one of the lines would be about how quantum physics has pretty much ruined materialism, and I'm so glad they did.

Wow Michael I'm very pleased to hear how well it is going for you. Your fiction is some of the best I have read in the thriller / mystery genre, so I'm glad to see it doing so well.

Thanks, Matthew! I'm riding the ebook wave!

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