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Michael, I know that hard-hitting journalism isn't your usual thing, but I have to say that this first attempt is straightforward, probing, and shows seeds of greatness!

Hilarious! (Once I caught onto what you were doing and decided that the part of me that wanted to be shocked and embarrassed is a pain in the ass.)

Does anyone know if there's a Guinness Book category for most double-entendres per column inch?

Hahaha, well done, sir!

I'm on the Left, and I think he's guilty as heck and not very good at hiding it.

His sin does not seem very big, but he is coming off as quite the creepoid.



In mulling over potential comments, it dawned on me that it is almost impossible to come up to a response to this story, at least one that involves at least two sentences, without some kind of double entendre. However, your post (as always) was an unusually nice piece. ;-)

"The story may be big, and it may continue to grow, but I doubt it has the potential to be huge"

Miohael please tell me this was intentional.


Did you read the whole thing? :)


Nothing I do is ever intentional.

So you didn't feel obliged to stick up for the congressman after all his efforts to service his constituents?

Lowbrow humor! I'm so proud of you! ;-)

Brilliant, Michael!

I laughed out loud.

Taking a punch at politics?
I'd say you're the one with the balls!

I'm so stupid, I didn't even realize what a "huge" joke it was until I started reading the comments. I have to get my mind back in the gutter. I must be getting old.

Off topic, Kevorkian died today.

Wow, MP has writen a seminal political commentary post.

I agree with the thrust of the post; I just think it could have probed deeper; gotten to the meat of the issue, as it were.



I swore I would not chime in on this stuff anywhere, but after reading your trenchant analysis, I couldn't resist. I even quoted it on my site, prefacing with the following:

"... with respect to the media's Weiner whacking, Michael has pierced straight to the point in a gushing river of rhetorical arousal with powerful strokes from his mighty pen."

I think you bring out the worst in me.



Just saw his news conference. Weiner's hardline stance has softened.

A movie about it could be nominated for Best Short Subject.

But everything you have written on this subject is based on phallusy.

Good comments, all!

From attack dog to wiener-dog!

PS to the above:
The Snake's Progress.

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