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There's lots of info on the internet on how to make money selling ebooks.) But you probably know that.)

Meet Mega Bestselling Indie Heroine Amanda Hocking

"TP: What has been your strategy for marketing and publicizing your books?

AH: I didn't really have a strategy. I think one of the advantages I have is that stuff considered marketing is stuff that I do a lot anyway. I've been active on social networks and blogs for years.
I also send ARCs [advance review copies] out to book bloggers. Book bloggers are a really amazing community, and they've been tremendously supportive. They've definitely been a major force that got my books on the map.

When I first published, I did do a bit of promoting on the Amazon forums, but they're not really open to that, so I haven't really interacted there much at all in months. I hang out Goodreads, Kindleboards, Facebook, Twitter, and I blog. And that's about it."

Look at the Middle East. All people being connected to one another spurs about interesting change, and it almost seems, sort of, kind of, spiritual.

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