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glad you're a Steven Wright fan

Thanks for posting those! I'm actually in Tokyo, Japan and in need of a few laughs.

Really liked the Steven Wright stuff.

Take care, Rob. The situation in Tokyo appears to be deteriorating fast.

Good luck, Rob. I feel so bad for the Japanese people, and I admire how they are personally dealing with the emergency.

Thank you for the comments. For Tokyo, it all hinges on what's going on with the nuclear situation. People are generally dealing with things well. People been cleaning the supermarkets out of regular food stuffs, but it is the most orderly and organised 'panic buying' in the world.

The situation nearer where the quake/tsunami struck is obviously grim and my thoughts go out to all the folks up there.

I've always appreciated this blog, and even more so at challenging time like this.

Thank you very much.

I started a new blog for ranting and raving. I figure if I have my own blog, I'll be less prone to damaging MP's calm (Firefly reference) by ranting and raving on his. My name leads to it!

Congratulations, dmduncan. I hope your blog lives long and prospers.

Why thank you Mr. Spock!

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