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Michael, asks me to shell out US$2.99 for the Kindle editions.

PS: I guess I'm asked a higher price because I'm outside the US (in India).

Sorry about that. The price is displayed as 99 cents for US customers. I don't know what the pricing policy is for international sales.

It appears they add 2 bucks to every book delivered to a Kindle registered in India. The "free" books are $2.00 here.

Hmm. Sneaky of them. But eventually that will change. All the pressure is on lowering the prices of ebooks and other digital content.

I bought the kindle edition of mortal pursuit 2 days ago for £0.71 on Amazon uk. Half way through it. It's the first book I've read of yours. And I think it's really good!

Are the rest of your books kinda similar?

Thanks for the sale, Ian! And for the good words.

Most of my books involve female protagonists in jeopardy, who must rise to the challenge. But not all of the books are as action-oriented as Mortal Pursuit. Many are more psychological, while Mortal Pursuit was my attempt at a "Die Hard" type of story.

Hi Michael. I finished the book! It was really good so will probably be reading many more of your books. Are the other 2 pursuit books similar?

Each is different, really. For another fast-paced read, you might try Stealing Faces or maybe Last Breath (neither is yet available as an ebook, unfortunately). Thanks again for the kind words!

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