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I remember really loving this when it came out. I hadn't seen the original at that time. When I did, it was unbelievably slow-moving, and impossible to understand. So I personally liked the sequel much better.

I watched it recently on Netflix as well. Still a fan of the movie. Love the dolphin pool in Roy Scheider's house.

I haven't seen 2010 since it came out, but I have to admit that I held the film in contempt when I saw it.

I have many problems with Kubrick as a filmmaker, but 2001 was an astonishing work. It's imagery, symbolism, editing and pacing was as close to poetry as narrative film can get.

One of the maddening pleasures of poetry can be the elusive meaning of the poem, which can be argued about endlessly with others and with oneself. 2001 is like that -- it grabs hold of your intellect and emotions in equal measure. I rarely approach movies, even the ones I love, as "works of art," but I think 2001 qualifies for that distinction. I hope it's artistic qualities are appreciated beyond my generation, but who can tell?

But I do know that 2010 suffered terribly in comparison with Kubrick's work. Next to the original, it was rather klunky Hollywood craftsmanship. I love Hollywood, but the point of 2001 was that it was anti-Hollywood. Once that concept was lost, you ended up with...well...with 2010.

But your post makes me want to see it again and give it another chance.

Good film in its own right.

Yes, rings a bell when it comes to life after death and the possibility that there is much more to us than we know in the physical:

'I WAS David Bowman.'

Wish I could steam netflix :(

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