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No doubt!

Hey, I have a feeling he's just getting warmed up. If he starts quoting Radin, we're all screwed.

"If he starts quoting Radin ..."

Heaven forbid!

Can we cross our fingers and hope he quotes Augustine and Woerlee ;)

What if he really had a Near Death Experience? Would anybody believe him?

I thought the same thing!

And yet I am feverishly compelled to tweet about a fantasy land where I am writing his biography with him under the premise that he might be a God.

paranormal book. pub.1875
Startling facts in modern spiritualism (543 pages)
Wolfe, Napoleon Bonaparte
pdf from open library
The author claims to have spent 25 years investigating spiritualism
"spiritualism is a science" (p.99)
"spiritualism is a religion of science"(p.177)
The medium is a Mrs. Hollis.She says selected as a child for mediumship.(p.107)
Begins with slate writing(pp.140-160)
then materializations.
Control is James Nolan.
Quotes letter from Franklin (p.176)
Changes water into wine.(p,496)
The abiity of Mrs. Hollis seems equal to Mrs.Piper

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