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I hope this doesn't lead to limericks.

I had a fit, when I read
your words of wit.

If you got some good illustrations, I'd buy it. My kids would probably like it. They love rhymes. My three-year-old can't really follow a story, so it's mostly about look and sound.

"I hope this doesn't lead to limericks."

Aw, Sandy, MP's Loch Ness theme is too good to pass up. Sorry!

A lass on the banks of Loch Ness
Got conned into playing ‘Strip chess’;
When down to her rump
She quite got the hump:
That’s long enough! Who’s got her dress?

He's human after all!!! ;-)

He's human after all!!! ;-)

Limericks? Groping? (See Jules and Jim commentary.)

I wonder if Valentines Day has us all thinking about things other than survival of consciousness?

The groping and humping
Keeps the world a thumping
With spirits awaiting
Their turn reincarnating.

I like Richard's, Ben's, and dmduncan's poetic efforts better than my own.

(Caveat: That's not saying much.)

"If you got some good illustrations, I'd buy it."

Nah, I got nothin'. I think I spent a total of twenty minutes on this project. But you're right - illustrations would help.

jake says its good rhyming, he's 7 so maybe you have something

Thanks, Jake!

I write children's books, all rhyming. Tried to get one published once to no avail.

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