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My wife and I belong to Netflix and we watch a lot of foreign movies. There are some really excellent foreign movies and TV series. Lately we've been watching a lot of Australian stuff. McLeod's Daughter's from Australia is excellent and a lot of fun and the scenery is interesting. It also has a lot of animal stuff in it because it's about these women that inherit and run an Australian Cattle Station.

We also really liked the BBC series Ballykissangel and Monarch of the Glen.

I've been out of touch for a long time. I read Riptide. You have done nothing but gotten better with your writing. I was not disappointed. I'm getting a Kindle so I can read your older books because I have the collection of Michael Prescott and B.Harper. Hope you are not going to stop writing. I'm waiting on a new book. So get busy....Keep writing!! Can't wait. I do have to say also I loved the books about Tess and Abby. Thanks and Congrats on your success, your Tucsonian Friend, Linda

Netflix is great. Especially streaming to Roku. Check out the documentary "Tapped" and "The Atomic Cafe."

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