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Okey dokey. Print me a violin, but leave my food alone:-)

Mmmm... A fresh, hot off the printer pizza anyone?

That is cool. 3D printing has actually been open source for a while now. The idea was to make a printer than could print copies of itself! You can even build your own, and there's a community of people doing just that. If you Google reprap you'll see what I mean. CNC machines are even becoming table top portable. You can actually precisely carve a 3 dimensional object out of aluminum or even steel!

I have three molars on the bottom left side of my mouth that were carved out of ceramic blocks using a similar system at my dentist in Knoxville, Tennessee. My dentist removed the old metal fillings and then took pictures of the teeth and then downloaded the information into this machined that carved the teeth using the bits of information he retrieved from my mouth. The carved fillings fit perfectly into the pockets he carved using the machine. They look like brand new teeth. Not cheap.

I believe on the other side we will use the information we are gathering (holistically imprinted) right now to conjure up our own reality on the other side. Shape, size, texture, color, feeling, etc. Has to do with the physics of the other side. It's a place where nothing exists and everything exists - but before we can conjure it up we have to have some idea of what it is we wish to make. You can't learn to drive a car just by reading about it or watching someone else do it. You have to actually get in the car and drive it for yourself in order to know how to control a car. The car becomes an extension of your body and I believe that is sort of what the soul does with the physical body.

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