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Looks interesting! I've just ordered it from Amazon UK.

By coincidence, it so happens that happens Randi himself finally admitted the "Million Dollar Challenge" is a stunt and not scientific on the "Meet the Skeptics" podcast.

As for this book, 48 pages of end notes and 28 pages of bibliography listings? Cripes, that's a book in itself there.

Thanks, Michael - hope it lives up to expectations!

The Kindle edition should be available on Amazon in a day or two, and there's also an epub edition for the iPad, although that may take longer to upload to the app store.

I'm delighted that people are buying the print edition, but I thought I'd offer the e-book for free to readers of this blog and Paranormalia, and perhaps one or two others. Look out for details on next week.

Been a fan of Robert's blog for some time. I've been looking forward to his book for awhile.

I have just ordered it from Amazon Uk. Looking forward to it and will read it on boxing day when all the rubbishy TV programmes are served up.

Wanted to mention that Robert has agreed to an interview on Skeptiko. We'll record next week and publish a couple of weeks after. Looking forward to it.


Thanks, Alex. It should be interesting. The book is great. I'm about halfway through and really enjoying it.

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