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Words fail me. Literally. Workshops for wanna-be screenwriters should be closed. Permanently. I may take a cue from Corman's "X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes" and gouge out my own. Immediately.

Oh Lord. You may also want to extend your viewing pleasure with a look at The Human Centipede, which I found at the Birdemic link.

My favorite terrible movie will always be Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece, The Room.

But... This is a guy who actually followed his dream and made a movie. Sure its crap. But he made it, and as it turns out it may become a classic in the style of Ed Wood.

Sure its laughable but how many of us actually follow our crazy dreams? It does give me a certain pause.

I never understood how birds could be all that terrifying. I suppose if they all got together as in the original Hitchcock movie, maybe. If it was me, I'd plunk my hero and heroine smack down in the middle of the Artic with a couple of polar bears on their track (and maybe a seagull squawking at them every now and then to make it even more scary). But then they'd have to wear clothes all of the time, so it probably wouldn't "work."

"You may also want to extend your viewing pleasure with a look at The Human Centipede"

I dunno. The Human Centipede strikes me as a totally different kind of movie. It appears to be made with reasonable professionalism (by the standards of low-budget shock/schlock horror films), but the content is sick and fetishistic. Birdemic, on the other hand, is a valid idea for a thriller - it worked pretty well when Hitchcock did it - but the execution is so amateurish that the whole thing becomes laughable.

Or to put it another way, the Birdemic trailer made me laugh, but the Human Centipede trailer made my flesh crawl.

Yes, the Human Centipede was certainly much better made. It was also gross, but in an Evil Dead kind of way. It was so absurdly over the top, unintentionally I believe, that it made me laugh. The trailer, that is. I don't think it's a good enticement to spend 90 minutes of one's time, though.

Haha definately off to watch that film! Seems tongue in cheek though, like it was supposedto be that bad..

"like it was supposedto be that bad..."

I don't think so. I really think this is the guy's best effort.

Really? Wow, even I could do better! Might still watch it though..

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