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I shouldn't really laugh!

From The Herald (Scotland)

Mr Heseldon made his fortune when his company developed the "blast wall" basket, which protects soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq as a replacement for traditional sandbags.The baskets have been used to protect soldiers in every major conflict since the first gulf war and are seen as the UK's most successful defence exports.

They are also used for a range of non military use including flood management and erosion control.

Mr Heseldon is reported to have given £20 million to charities especially those connected with tackling deprivation in his home city of Leeds .

No one ever talks about the aerodynamics of a Segway.

But, in all seriousness. He seemed like a generous man. I hope he rests in peace.

Here's the MacDailyNews Take:

"When found, the Segway was just standing there in the water balancing on its own two wheels, unscratched."

Roger, now I have an image of the Segway standing menacingly over the crime scene...

I agree, it sounds like he was a nice guy. But why would you ever go near a cliff on one of those things?

Jane, LOL.

Maybe the Segway became self aware and decided Mr. Heseldon's fate in a nanosecond.

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