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Well, looking and feeling around this planet with so much suffering, all I can say as to the reason for physical incarnation-

This better be good.

And, I love all these theories/intuitions- they help make life bearable for me. If I still held the materialistic beliefs drummed into me, I would be dead by now. Which, apparently might be just fine. But here I am, a rat in a maze. Thanks God!

No, really, thanks God/dess. I know there's some serious cheese around here somewhere.

I remember reading one near death experience where the woman said that we here in the physical universe can't begin to comprehend the overwhelming feelings of "oneness and connectedness" in heaven.

This may explain why it is that this life seems to have so many lessons in separation in it and why we have to experience them. From the moment we are born and separate from our mothers and that umbilical cord is cut ("separated") to the day we die when our own death becomes a lesson in separation to our loved ones life seems to be one big long lesson in separation. Losing friends, loved ones, brothers and sisters moving away, divorce, moving away and leaving the places we lived in, and then all the duality we experience in this life that oftentimes leads to separation - things like politics, religion, race, culture, language & dialects, gender & sexual orientation, wealth, looks, weight and height, I.Q., changing jobs, retirement, and all the myriad of other things in life that force us to experience separation - even when we don't want to - life seems to be one big long lesson in what it means and how it feels to be separated.

And like Alison Krauss sings in her song "There Is A Reason"; I believe that everything we experience in this life, even the bad stuff, happens for a reason, and the reason "why" is simple. We come here to become separate, unique, individual and teach our souls what time and space look and feel like, what it feels like to inhabit a physical body, and make memories of what it feels like to live in a 3 dimensional + 1 time universe.

People how have NDE's describe a universe where their consciousness dictated what they experienced. Mark H said he thought of a mountain and it appeared. A.J. Ayer's said, "It was strange, my thoughts became people." Bill Clinton said when he had his open heart surgery he saw a light and he saw Chelsea and Hillary's faces. Heaven seems to be a place where thoughts are things and consciousness creates reality - but before one can conjure up a reality it probably helps to have some idea and to know that stuff looks like.

It is very difficult to describe something you have never seen or experienced. Sort of like trying to really understand what it's like to make love to another person when you've never experienced - except maybe through reading a magazine or watching a DVD of two people making love.

to put it simply, I always looked at the wave particle duality like this. So there were laws set up by "The Very big" mind and the quanta submits to those laws. When we break a little piece off its almost as if our "very small mind" gets a chance to mess with or at least witness the quanta to conform to those laws. Perhaps those laws are programmed into the "very small" mind, which may be a peice of the very big mind, and thats why when we witness those little bits confrming to the laws when we look into them.

I belive that what this guys is staying, is that the quanta knows when its being observed and goes, opps, heres one, and then "behaves" as it should..... Like a child in a class room who is goofing around when the teach isn't looking. hahhahaha

but maybe I personify everyting....


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