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I found it sad that the Americans interviewed - one was a teacher - couldn't answer basic questions about their history (apart from grandpa that is!).

I'm in the UK and could answer the questions from just a simple knowledge of American history. Having said that, however, I wonder how many of the UK citizens could answer questions about their history?

Having just returned from a holiday in America and Canada I found the Rockies and Alaska awe-inspiring particularly the trip on the Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver and the cruise from Seattle via the Inside Passage to Alaska. Every day was a delight. Highly recommended.

Leno is fantastically quick with an apt remark, and his look of wry amusement is perfect too.

Happy 4th of July:

Gub'ment education.


"What do we celebrate on July 4th?"

"The fourth of July!"

Definately funny!

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