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Fantastic! What a great tribute.

That is a good one. I still love those old movies.

Hi, Zerdini! I hope you had a good vacation.

Thanks Sandy - it was great.

hi michael I´m Adriana and I´ve read your book "dangerous games" and you know it´s awsome, I really enjoy it... but there´s a problem, I want to continue reading all your books but I live in Mexico so that the rest of your books haven´t arrived up to here. I would love to read the rest of them and I know a lot of people that would love it too. So I don´t know what could you do to make this books arrive soon. thankyou

Hi Adriana. Thanks for your comment. Most of my books, sadly, are out of print, which means that only used editions are available. These can be purchased online through Amazon, Alibris,, ABEbooks, and other Web retailers. I assume some of these retailers will ship their goods to Mexico, though I haven't checked.

The three older titles that I mentioned in my post, as well as my new release "Riptide," are also available from online retailers. And those four titles can all be downloaded as ebooks.

If you mean that you'd like to have Spanish-language editions available, I'm afraid I don't have any way of making that happen.

Thanks again for your comment, and your kind words!

Oops - I was thinking Adriana's comment appeared on the "Books, book, books" thread.

The three older titles and "Riptide" are discussed in that July 4 post.

That was awesome!..really great!thanks for sharing..that's really best!

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