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I've had FIOS for a few years now and think it's great.
Pros: Extremely reliable, very fast, no technical issues at all; much, much better than the DSL I had previously.
1) The quoted monthly cost will get jacked up by fees (typical) + set-top box rental.
2) And they seem to increase prices every year once your contract is up.
3) If your electric goes out for any reason, included battery back-up keeps your phone service (only) working for a few hours, then it's kaput until the electrical is restored.
4) The rated dnload & upload speeds are not ever really achieved for whatever reason (I suspect this is true of all providers). Mine is supposed to be 25Mb/sec & 25Mb/sec, but says it is really 8.4 & 2.2 right now. I have seen it as high as 12 & 12.

Thanks for that helpful feedback, Daniel!

Your title reminded me of an interesting new book on grammar and usage, Woe Is I.

I think Michael was subtly alluding to that fine musical 'The King and I', to show just how much he likes his iPad.

Actually I haven't received my iPad yet, so I can't say if I'll like it. I probably won't get it for ten days or so. I'll post a review once I've played with it for a while.

The thing is pretty expensive considering its limited functionality, but I guess that's the price you pay for being an early adopter. This may be the first time since the introduction of the Walkman CD player that I've been an early adopter, by the way. Usually I'm very slow in adopting new technology. I still don't have Tivo or a digital TV ...

It's probably tax-deductible isn't it? :)

I think it is partially tax deductible,since I do intend to use it for business purposes (in part).

Good point!

By the way, I have to take back some of what I said about Cablevision yesterday, because the technician who repaired my service was excellent, and took as much time as necessary to do the job right.

I have a PC and a Mac right next to each other. I use the Mac almost exclusively. It just functions so much more logically so that if I forget how to do something, the chances are I can figure it out fairly easily, whereas when I forget how to do something on the PC it is freaking TORTURE to figure it out again. This is good for me because I don't particularly care for a learning curve to come with my computer equipment. I have enough to do already.

Good luck with the iPad.

Oh, and if you are using internet phone service, you might want to check out OOMA. It's a box that looks like an answering machine that you attach to your router. Your existing phone then plugs into the OOMA device. It costs about $250, one time cost for the box, available from Best Buy. Basic phone service is then FREE after that, and you do NOT have to have your computer on to make or receive calls.

Financially, it's more sensible than paying your high speed provider a phone bill as well as an internet service bill.

And it works great.

Thanks, DMDuncan, for the tip about OOMA. (The name reminds me of David Letterman's disastrous night hosting the Oscars, when he kept repeating a bad joke about Oprah Winfrey meeting Uma Thurman: "Oprah, Uma. Uma, Oprah.") I don't think I'll get this for my main home, but I may try it at my winter residence next year.

Amazon sells the OOMA Telo for $192, by the way.

For the record, OOMA service is no longer totally free. For new purchasers, there's a $12 a year fee to recover regulatory costs. Of course this is chicken feed compared to the price of conventional phone service.

Interesting. Early customers must be exempted from that. I still pay nothing.

Yes, the early customers are exempt. Still, a dollar a month is nothing compared to the $40+ a month I pay now.

Michael, my parents have Fios. The say it is six and one half dozen of another compared to Cablevision. They refuse to get Cablevision because they hate it as a company, but, they did say that Fios is slightly, but not too noticeably, slower on line. I have not noticed this when I use their computer. They also had to tear up their whole yard to get it installed, and the cost is slightly more. Hope this helps.

Thanks, j-9. I think I will stick with Cablevision. I wasn't too happy with Verizon as a phone service provider, and I'm not sure I trust them with FIOS.

Cablevision's customer service is actually quite good, IMO. The technician who repaired my phone ended up rewiring the phone lines throughout the whole house, at no charge.

"limited functionality"

Wags have dubbed it "the MacBook Po'."

It's not a computer, it's a window to the world of Star Trek.

Michael I hope you aren't long any stocks right now!

Hey Matthew, your Beech Forest 120 looks like silver birch. Great picture, though.

Michael I hope your stock trading survived the algo nightmare today. . .

no name,

We don't have any silver birch in North Carolina (or native to North America AFAIK). Glad you like the picture though!

Because of computer problems (my system malfunctioned and required a reinstallation of the OS), I didn't follow the trading today, and happily missed all the panic. But thanks for asking!

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