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very nice thanks for sharing.

says much in a litte poem.

What strikes me reading this, and in light of something I was reading yesterday on another site, is how sad it is that many people can have a deep faith, but no sense that their loved ones do live. They don't necessarily disbelieve their faith's promises of the afterlife, but it doesn't seem to offer any comfort.

Ben's poem speaks much more clearly of the sense of the person having left. Not ceased to be - left. Thanks for posting it, Michael.

Sweet sonnet, thanks!

Many thanks to Michael for posting this and to William, Louise and Matt for their kind comments.

If anyone wants to adapt the sonnet for their dead pet's tombstone, they may wish to alter the rhymes "skin" and "within" to "hide" and "inside", and amend the character traits to fidelity and unconditional love.

Ben, what a lovely idea!


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