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Trev, there's nothing confusing here. It is widely accepted you need 18% O2 levels for the bare minimum of cognitive activity (including memory formation). Less than 18% and you tend to get flatline.

Ah, I see what you mean, Michael. Thanks.
Still can't help thinking that there might be some creative skeptical objection raised to counter it, though. how did 'they'(the researchers) know that the experience occured when the oxygen levels were less than 18%. How do they pin it down, without OBE observations?

"Somtehing else to call it." -I really don't like ego either. It's loaded with psychological studies connotations. Can we try mask, persona, character, or avatar? Suggestions?
My subjective belief is that we are a character being played by an oversoul. This is my intimation after nearly fifty years
of experience, questioning, searching and speculating. Far from being "wise beyond my years"
and offering cryptic answers, I find myself tortured by questions beyond my ken,
humbled by ignorance, and still driven beyond my will to continue to search.

"Creative skeptical objection", like it, Trev, like it! :D

My replacement word for "ego" would be something pretty straightforward, like my conception of the self (soul = self = personality = the person). I go for a very basic idea that the soul is ME, and will go right on being me, but will develop and grow, just as in this stage of life, after I get to the long home.

Not fond of the word ego. So many negative connotations ... plus I'm not at ALL fond of Freud and his ideas. Never trust a fern-phobic who fancied for a while that sexual problems could be fixed by a nose operation! :P

I have had occasions in my perceptions when "Me" is not "I". I found Newton's books to support my belief that we are "pieces" being played by oversouls, overspirits, or higher selves.
I don't speak lightly, but in the spirit of Robert Anton Wilson, I speak with no authority whatsoever. -just putting it out there.

Well put, Dave. I've no authority either, only what I experience and what I get from Louis. Though I will say the idea of us being pawns paints a very unattractive picture of the players. Doesn't fit my sense of justice. What communication I have from Spirit emphasises that they may not force, coerce or influence people in their earthly lives. It's just verboten. Giving help or advice when asked is one thing, but interfering with someone's free will is just off limits. Louis said once that only those who choose darkness even try this.

Thanks for the kind comments, Louise. (I actually posted this some time ago, but it vanished into who knows where).


The ether!!! :D

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