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And as always there's a heated debate in the Skeptiko forums ( about these and previous interviews.

“As to distant out-of-body experiences where they make observations at a distance, there are anecdotal stories of these reports actually describing the reality at the time and what was seen and what was heard. However, when you examine these very carefully and look at the evidence piece by piece, you find that there are many inaccuracies and it does not always correspond all that well.”

This response by the Dr. needed to be pursued by Alex. This word anecdotal keeps coming up when in reality we have NDE’ers that bring back information from a distance that is later validated by others.

And the words it does not always correspond all that well is not scientific when discussing materialism and the paranormal. If it corresponds once that may be that white crow James talked about.

From my point of view a researcher must take all the evidence that exists and cross validate it to arrive at a point that there is a high probability that life after death exists.

Until this good Dr. has his own NDE or some type of paranormal experience in his life these dialogs really don’t amount to much. His materialistic paradigm, which I suspect comes from his intellectual training as a biologist has influenced his rigid beliefs in materialism.

As a materialist he lives on a very slippery slope his entire training to him at least would be considered obsolete if he admits to just one paranormal event. A paradigm shift is a very rare occurrence.

Dialoging with him is like dialoging with a fundamentalist religious person and is pretty much a waste of time and effort but makes for interesting reading. Materialism has become a religion to many. Believing we are here by chance has to be one of the biggest fallacies every perpetuated on humankind. But there are others.

Just think about how much fun we're going to have after we cross over to the other side and we get to follow those guys around saying "I told you so! I told you so!" {grin!}

I think one must be very careful with the I told you so comment.

like attracts like they will be with their ultra skeptics friends and we will still be trying to figure out the astral world we reside in. or not.

I once had an atheist on a blog tell me he would be able to tell me I told you so after we both crossed over.

I reminded him that if his beliefs were correct he would not be telling anyone anything.

Happy Easter mate.. :)

I was trying to be funny. It was just my feeble attempt at humor. I'm fairly certain that no one will be following anyone around heaven and saying "I told you so."

sorry art

my sense of humor is often taken as something else also.

it came across as I know but they dont and we humans are very good at that mode.

an open mind is like finding a rare coin falling from the heavens.

see I told you my humor was dry.

I'm still fairly certain that everyone will become enlightened when they enter that Light. It's a holographic universe thing where everything is infinitely connected to everything else and everything interpenetrates everything. I will know what it felt like to be you and you will know what it felt like to be me.

excerpt from Jame's NDE:
"I was not "told" anything in the light, as much as, I just knew everything there was to know. I knew why there was bad in the world, I knew why there was good, I knew that every little thing that will ever occur here, is exactly planned out, in order to bring about something else. Everything we have ever done or known or will know, is perfectly planned out and perfectly in tune."

The education of the soul is too important to leave it up to chance.

"one with Gerald Woerlee, who thinks natural explanations can be found for NDEs"

And I'm betting he won't say one single thing about the strange and amazing connection between near death experiences and the holographic universe and quantum physics. All I ever get is someone pointing me to some link that does nothing to explain how it is that people who have near death experiences oftentimes describe their experience in terms that can only be called "holographic."

FYI this debate is much better than Clash of the Titans, which sucked

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