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That is cute! Some of the comments under the story are scary though. Some people don't think cute little animals should benefit from health care, even in countries like Australia where all the humans do.

How could those pictures not tug at your heart? Especially for an endangered species.

Yes, yes, yes, come to Australia and we'll let you pat one! ;-)

Of course some of the comments are scary: it's the Daily Mail!!

Truly horrible but probably very tasty.

This is actually Simon Cowell after a day out at the Atlas particle accelerator went disastrously wrong. Instead of knocking twenty years off his age, he turned the dial to far and took off three million years. He hopes to get it put right in time for the autumn X factor auditions.

Awwww....bwess her widdle heart. I sure wish her the best!

I hope John Randall's comment was intended for the "beast from 20,000 fathoms" thread. I'd hate to think anyone found the little baby wombat horrible ... or (gasp) wanted to eat her!

LOL Trev ... but mightn't it be that he put three million years ON his age?

No, wait, then he'd have evolved into the Ceiling Cat ... :)

A big welsh hug to you.


How random, Michael. Thanks for sharing.

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