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I've seen these isopods before, I believe on the Blue Planet episode showing deep sea creatures. (There are some pretty amazing multicolored bioluminescent jellyfish there, too.) The isopods were feeding on the remnants of a whale carcass that fell all the way to the bottom of the deep ocean, and reminded me of the extinct trilobites. Clips of the scene I saw are available on YouTube if you search for isopods.

how would that taste in butter....

They remind me of trilobites too! I've TA'd oceanography enough times to have seen isopods before, but they are still pretty neat. People do eat them in some parts of the world.

Looks like an overgrown Moreton Bay Bug. Tasty!

Gross! It looks like a giant cockroach.

God thinks of everything doesn't he? ;)

I find it utterly repulsive. Eurgh.

I thank you for steering the blog away from the political tone, even though I tend to strongly agree with most of your political sentiments.
I'm not really kidding when I say that I find this "bug" to be less repulsive than what is happening in Washington right now.

I can't say I find it repulsive. It looks extremely well constructed to me :)

Looks like something out of Starship Troopers.

This graphic of the mariana trench is mind-blowing

Sam, the link is broken.

really? it's working for me, I just had to copy/paste

Interesting graphic, Sam.

The link worked for me.

Great graphic of the trench, but they forgot to put UFOs on the bottom.

"...they forgot to put UFOs on the bottom."

True! They're all IFOs -(identified fishy objects).

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