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Hi again, everybody,

Sorry to change plans again. I am to postpone again for some time this first part. I have to touch up some "minor details"...

But, please, have in mind that my work is, obviously, just a humble contribution.

Thank you all,
(maybe, few people are still reading these lines... If so, so much the better ;-) )

I have ready the part 1 of my critique of Keith's paper on the JNDS. It is in the link below:

Unfortunately during the process I had no choice but to break off my relations with Keith.

Best Regards to all,

Thanks for the link, Julio.

I hope you and Keith can patch things up.

Thank you for your friendly comment, Michael! Though simple, it was soul refreshing, and mature (which often entails soul healing).

Best Wishes to all,

Why is it important to try to win Keith over?

It is not. And the "winning over" cannot exist, in my opinion.

As to the very arguments and information and analyses that he, and other thinkers in the area, perform and present, it is interesting to ponder over them, to "refute" them, and to have them as possibly true (just as opposite views may be possibly true). That is basically all I did (as a matter of fact humbly) in my counter analysis of his papers.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is more to life than these strictly "intellectual" exchanges. And sometimes during the course of these exchanges we end up meeting them as well; Sometimes to the point that they cannot be left unmentioned. Because of that, I ended up mentioning it in my preface.

But, topmost, I think there can be no winning over. What can truly be, I think, is "We all winning together." This I believe.

But, who am I am but a mere believer...


Thanks for the link, Julio. I printed it out.

RE: I think Michael is right about Alzheimer's patients.

Evidence also seems to indicate Alzheimer does not destroy the mind, just inhibits it.

I have to agree with you. Regarding physical or mental issues, when we pass over, these conditions do not follow us. Quoting from Arthur Findlay's Book, "The Way of Life" on pg. 57, the following was taken verbatim during a direct voice seance. "In reply to a question I asked about the mind, I was told:
Certainly, your mind is something apart from the brain, you bring your mind over here with you. You leave your physical brain on earth. Our mind here acts on our etheric brain and through it on our etheric body, just as your physical brain acts on your physical body."

Later, in the seance, a waoman spoke to her daughter about physical infirmities. "I have no halting walk now, Crissie, and I am never tired. It is so beautiful to walk about here. Life was getting rather difficult for me, Crissie, and all my trials are now over."

What the above seems to be stating is that when you cross over, you leave behind any physical or mental issues and become perfect in body and spirit.

I presume that when a person has an OBE, for that time, they are not bound by their physical or mental limitations.

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