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I have done so, Michael.

Is publishing a book in the USA that difficult?

I have just done a quick search on the Internet and found that there are new roads to publishing books.

Apparently print-on-demand machines are going into bookstores etc which will make the old style of publishing, well, old-fashioned.

However it is done, I wish her well (M. J. Hawk that is) in her innovative approach to publishing.

Off-topic but well worth reading.

"Difficulties of spirit communication explained" in Mike Tymn's blog at:

Thanks very much, Zerdini.

Yes, publishing really has become that difficult - for fiction, anyway. The last two books I wrote didn't find a publisher. I may self-publish them before long, but there is little money in that.

Print-on-demand and ebooks are the wave of the future, though I suspect that Web piracy will cut into book profits very substantially from now on.

Love the marketing work on these, linking to FB and seeing if anyone catches on it's not real.

I don't know if anyone listens to this song but it's great are we human [physical being] or we dancer[soul] by the killers well we are dancer i would say based on the evidence.

Leo he's really saying are we human or are we DENSER. That song confused me forever too lol. But maybe it means the same thing.

Or the guy from the Killers is just high, which he usually is.

Is it that difficult for non-fiction, I wonder? I'm writing a book about my connection with Spirit, and I think I'll have to try the American market for it. The Australian market is just too small! (Self publishing isn't on, I don't have that sort of money.)

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