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The Discovered Country
- John Samson -
I found this transcript on this website interesting as one seeker reading about another seeker’s journey into finding these truths about life as John Samson talks about his journey into these mysteries of life. Also it has a couple of interesting poems in it. Now poems are not my thing but many find them very illuminating.

This is one of the most touching poems whenever I read it. There is much to ponder in it. Thanks for posting it.

I agree with you Michael --Kipling was a master of his craft. Above all, he wanted his poems to be accessible -and this is a fine example. It also fitted in well with his era -very British Empire and stiff upper lip.

As for your recent hints that you’re a pessimist –no, you can’t get away with that! You're just going through a bad patch. Actually, as you well know, you're a frustrated idealist. You’re letting external circumstances undermine your idealism. Time to turn inward and get in touch with your creative self. Stop watching the news –not easy for a blogger (!) but remember that “No news is good news” equals “All news is bad news”.

You believe in the human soul and the upward march of the human spirit. Life has meaning. We’re all on a journey. You believe that –you’re just finding it a bit hard at the moment. I sympathise. As Sonic says: It’s darkest before the dawn.

“You believe in the human soul and the upward march of the human spirit. Life has meaning. We’re all on a journey.”

Very well stated: if you had to define life has meaning how would you describe that meaning of life.

"if you had to define life has meaning how would you describe that meaning of life."

I wouldn't try to define it, William. But it is a journey, and it is onward and upward...eventually!

Until we start bringing back the colosseums and gladiator fights I like to think the Western world is doing pretty good.

That's my favorite poem too. Thanks for posting it!

“Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.” – Thomas Gray

My in-laws still live, and have lived for over fifty years, in the village where Kipling lived for five years(1897-1902).

Kipling and his family moved to Rottingdean in 1897. They rented The Elms for three guineas a week.

Kipling's study was on the ground floor to the right of the entrance. He was appalled when the horse-drawn bus from Brighton began stopping by the high flint wall of the garden to allow the trippers to stare into the famous writer's garden.

Once a woman wandered into their garden and stared into Kipling's study where he was writing. When he drew the blind, she exclaimed "How rude!"

Kipling's old house adjacent to Kipling Gardens is still standing.

He made great cakes too.

Suzanne Giesmanm, a retired Navy officer and author of several books, discovered a year or so ago that she is a medium for poets. She has an interesting site at

where she has been posting a new poem every day.

Thanks for this website Michael Tymm. This poem is special to me as I do volunteer work with 4 year olds.

Blessed are the children.
So innocent are they.
They know nothing of worries.
They simply want to play.
Watch them as they run and shout.
See the glee upon their faces.
Dashing ‘round like dervishes,
Playing hopscotch, running races.

Oh, such innocence,
If only it would last.
But childhood is very short.
They grow up far too fast.
But with this growth comes learning.
And not just in the schools.
As years pass toward adulthood,
They pick up many tools.

The greatest of youth’s challenges
Is learning not to fear.
For in this comes mistrust and hate,
And loss of what’s most dear.
The greatest challenge all must face
Is how to live in love.
For it’s the greatest lesson,
One that comes from up above.

The urge to love is planted there
From long before your birth.
And how to share it is the path
You walk upon this earth.
So watch the children, see their smiles.
These come for they fear not.
Inside they still have purity
They have not yet forgot.

Remember what your life’s about.
Take the child’s example to your heart.
For in the great play of your life,
This is your grandest part.

Posted by Suzanne Giesemann


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