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Ha ha. :-D

It really did >.<
The ending just made it more so.

Besides twisting spiritualism to sensationalism in an irrelevant way,not my cup of tea.


I saw that movie, and I liked it.

Maybe some of you consider that I'm biased because I like terror movies, but it is not the case.

I openly admit that most terror movies, maybe 70% or 80% are bad or mediocre.

But in comparison with other recent terror movies, Drag Me To Hell is not so bad in my opinion.

I disliked the ending of the movie... but at least it makes (literal) sense of the title...

"I disliked the ending of the movie... but at least it makes (literal) sense of the title..."

Now you ruined it for

"I saw that movie, and I liked it."

Haha! Me too.

"Now you ruined it for"

Ooops. Sorry... lol.

"Haha! Me too."

You're a good movie critic, DmDuncan. Lol.

I saw Avatar, and you were right: it's very interesting, I liked it a lot. The special effects added to 3D give a lot of fun.

Hey, just watching videos on youtube, I just saw this upcoming movie that I want to see:

-Ironman 2:

Good special effects there too.

War Machine. That is all.

I can also recommend The Men Who Stare At Goats. Also finished the book today, on which the movie was based, written by journalist Jon Ronson, and I can recommend that too.

Ronson takes a rationally skeptical look at the US Government's use of remote viewing in an attempt to develop psychic powers for soldiers in the War on Terror.

It's funny and, in some parts, quite disturbing. And good throughout.

But the movie is only loosely based on the book. They crafted a story for the movie around incidents in the book, using composite characters, so the two — book and movie — are quite different from each other.

I wish there were more books like this written about the paranormal; books where the author goes on his own voyage of discovery and confronts some weird people and has humorous adventures while maybe discovering some truly bizarre stuff.

I prefer this sort of thing to the paranormal apologia literature. And it's so much more fun to read.

Alex from Skeptiko devoted two shows (86 & 87) to The Men Who Stare at Goats. Quite interesting.

If ya don't like horror movies bub don't watch horror movies!

I like the horror genre. In fact, I got my start writing horror novels. One of my first (and still best) accolades was a personal letter from Stephen King, saying that he had enjoyed one of my books.

Even so, I thought "Drag Me To Hell" was awful. Maybe I was taking it too seriously. The reviews at Rotten Tomatoes mostly treat it as a comedy. On that level, maybe it works, but I assumed it was meant to be scary or at least creepy.

For a much better version of the same basic story, see Jacques Tourneur's 1958 classic "Curse of the Demon" (a.k.a. "Night of the Demon" in the UK).

One of the creepier horror films I've seen in the past few years is "The Others." The story has problems, and the twist ending is all-too-predictable, but certain scenes stick in my memory as intensely disturbing.

If you ask me what's the best horror movie that I've seen, I'd tell you it is THE EXORCIST (1). In spite of being several decades old, its special effects are realistic and convincing, even better (far better) than many other most recent horror movies.

Another horror movie that I like, not because it's very good, but because I like so called "slasher films" is Friday the 13th. There are many of them, and I like most of them, including the last one.

Also the movie "Fright Night" (1) is good, and I like it.

In general, I don't like horror movies of vampiries and monsters; but Fright Night is good.

The Others is a very good movie.

What do you (all of you) think of THE EXORCIST?

If someone (e.g. DmDuncan) has some "horror movie list" suggestion, let us know it.

Not a horror movie, but a little Christmas treat for all you cosmic types. Hat tip: Peter Russell.

The">">The Known Universe. Stunning visual journey from Earth to edge of Universe.

Not a horror movie, but a little Christmas treat for all you cosmic types. Hat tip: Peter Russell.

The">">The Known Universe. Stunning visual journey from Earth to edge of Universe.

Sorry about the double post. Link should work this time.


The Known Universe. Stunning visual journey from Earth to edge of Universe.

"If you ask me what's the best horror movie that I've seen, I'd tell you it is THE EXORCIST"

Oh YES. Possibly one of the best!

"Also the movie "Fright Night" (1) is good, and I like it."

Ha! We agree again, ZC.

If someone (e.g. DmDuncan) has some "horror movie list" suggestion, let us know it."

The third Exorcist movie was also quite good. I can't recall the title at the moment.

All the old Hammer Dracula films were good, as was the old vampire comedy by Roman Polanski, done in the style of the Hammer films, "The Fearless Vampire Killers."

The film Michael mentioned was really good.

Another film I haven't heard mentioned a lot is "The Legend of Hell House." It stars Roddy McDowell, and tells the story of a small team of scientists trying to dehaunt a creepy old mansion, with mixed results. It's a must see film for fans of the genre.

Silent Hill, based on the video game, is equally as creepy as the video game and actually quite good, I thought.

The third Exorcist movie is the one that stars George C Scott. It's titled, simply, The Exorcist III.

One that I haven't seen, but want to see, also stars George C Scott, and is based on a famous case that took place in Denver. The movie is called "The Changeling." This, of course, is a different movie than the recent one of the same title starring Angelina Jolie.

Netflix has it, but I don't think it's on instant download.

Also, a few years back there was a TV version of the story that The Exorcist was based on, supposedly much more accurate. It was also good, thought not as scary as the Friedkin film. The movie was called "Possessed" and starred Timothy Dalton.

I own both the Howard Hawks and John Carpenter versions of "The Thing", and I love them both.

And for a really good and creepy horror film that is also science fiction, I would recommend "Event Horizon." Spooky SF films are atypical, and this one manages to bend the rules very well.

I agree that "The Exorcist" is a masterpiece. Haven't seen the sequels.

I like the old Hammer films, too, especially those from the '50s and early '60s. "Horror of Dracula," the film that introduced Christopher Lee as the count, is probably the best version of the Dracula story.

There is also a Spanish-language version of "Dracula" that was shot simultaneously with the 1931 version, on the same sets, but with a different cast and crew. In many ways it is superior to the English-language version, though it lacks Bela Lugosi in the title role. (It is available on DVD.)

I haven't seen "Possessed", but I hope to see it soon.

I saw The Changeling (in Spanish, it's entitled "Al Final de la Escalera", that translated into english is something like "At the ending of the stairs")

It's a good movie.

The third Exorcist is good, even though the first one is much better in my opinion. The Exorcist II is very, very bad. Almost a bad joke. I read that movie caused some problems to Linda Blair regarding her professional prestige.

And the Exorcist IV is better than the II, but inferior to the I and the III. And the special effects are not very realistic.

Silent Hill... I didn't remember if I saw it.

I liked "SAW" (all of them, including the last one) even though they're not of the best horror movies in existence. But they're different, Jigsaw is very original and creative psychological torturer.

On Stephen King... he has a very peculiar and idiosincratic sense of suspense and horror. I liked "The Langoliers".

Also, Christine and Firestarter are good.

And Misery... oh God, a great movie.

His lastest one, the Mist, was good too.

Some of his movies are very long and apparently boring (for instance, Red Rose), but any person familiar with King's movies will know that it's part of King's idiosincratic mode to make his movies.

An interesting anedocte is that King, like Hitchkock, likes to appear in his own movies (like a pizza man, or with other irrelevant character).

A very particular and original man.

I love mystery intertwined with terror and that title for me goes to Dean Koonz. Ever read 'The Watchers' He goes deep into the pysche and turns on the mind to things only imagined in dreams and your worst nightmare. But you have to get past the underbelly mentality he uses in his prime suspects- to the good guys, victors in the end,really complex the way he masters the night and day genre [potential]or best and worst of society and introduces alien entities. I just finished his latest book a short while back titled 'A Big Little Life' to learn that he works his whole life around his writing and they have to do with pets having special senses or a intuition that humans lack or gift that endures that bonding to us. He,s also got a website titled by his name, check it out sometime.
And Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Mist, Cloverfield (not sure if it counts as horror, but it sure had me tensed) and The Others are some of my favorite horror movies of recent memory.

If you like video games, The Silent Hill games are definitely something I would recommend. Not only are they EXCELLENT horror stories, but have the best story lines in general so far as video games go besides the Metal Gear Solid series.

If by best story lines you mean bizarre and convoluted, than I'd agree with regards to MGS... I can never tell if the game was trying to be serious or not half the time. Not that I didn't like the two I played, it was just the juxtaposition of long winded conspiracy theories with mind controlling arms and vampires just got to me.

Give me Deus Ex or Bioshock anyday...

Deus Ex, a cyberpunk conspiracy thriller set in a near future that somewhat resembles that of the Matrix crossed with Soylent Green, the game featues such classic cyberpunk tropes as: crumbling authoritarian governments dominated by sinister corporations; permanent nighttime; rampant cybernetic augmentation; massive wealth disparity and people who wear sunglasses indoors. Also watch out for cameos from every conspiracy theorists favourate players, the Illuminati, MJ12, Men in Black and even a Grey or two (though they're not actually from outer space in this case).

Bioshock on the other hand is one for Michael if he ever gets round to buying a games console. Basic story is a rather gruesome satire of Objectivism gone wrong (or possibly right). Set in the secret underwater city of Rapture, built as a Randian utopia by a billionaire business magnate in the 40s, now (in 1960) seemingly inhabited only by the remnants of its former citizenry, driven insane by overuse of free market genetic modification technology (Rapture being a place "where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality") and manipulated by shadowy players behind the scenes. Although Objectivism and Rand are never mentioned in game, the references to her philosophy are everywhere (the city's founder is named "Andrew Ryan", the leader of Rapture's working-class resistance movement goes by the name "Atlas" etc). With a twist to rival any of the best in Hollywood (think the Sixth Sense, the Planet of the Apes, The Usual Suspects etc) I'd definately recomend it to anyone with even a passing interest in story-driven games.

And that's enough of us younguns hijacking the thread with our Godless wireless with picture contraptions. Back to Victorian mediums and whatnot. ;)

I agree, the MGS games did get more convulted and silly as time went by. The first was the best IMO.

I forgot to mention Bioshock. :)

I've played other games with stories that I enjoyed, but they're really only 'good' to you if you have a specific 'niche' interest. (I stopped caring about J-RPGs when I stopped caring about anime).

Back to the subject of horror, I'm interested in seeing how they handle the Nightmare on Elmstreet remake.

Have you seen Paranormal Activity?

The movie was nice and the actors were superb especially the main star of the movie.

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