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By the way, in looking up some links for this post, I came across a very useful Web site with a good summary of evidence for the afterlife, and many links to original sources:

I'm surprised I'd never come across this site before.

Anonymous just moved his site there recently, and it looks like he added more stuff to it, so no wonder you just found it.

I have seen this site before - it has a great deal of interesting information although I do not always agree with some of the conclusions having known some of the people involved.

Michael wrote: " is possible that Watson simply misheard some scattered gibberish."

That may be so-equally it could also have been Zulu. I knew some Zulu, and Xhosa, when I lived in South Africa so I, too, would have easily recognised Zulu phrases.

The famous voice medium, Mona van der Watt, was known among some of the African peoples as 'Mama NaBantu' - 'mother of the people'.

Thank you very much, M.P!!

Okay I got a few questions

a.) what exactly is an Earthbound Spirit?

b.) Why do some many of them seem to have attitude problems?

c.) Why do they stay

d.) are there any kind, intelligent, decent earth bound spirits

Hi Kris. I’m no expert, but I can tell you what I’ve gotten from my own experiences. I think what people refer to as an “Earthbound Spirit” is someone who has problems after they die. Sometimes they are just confused. I met this man once who died in a car accident and he didn’t really understand that he had died. It must be like when people wake up in the hospital after an accident and they don’t know what happened or how they got there. So they are really confused. I guess if you die in an accident, you might not understand what happened. I just tried my best to explain to the guy that he had died. It turned out that he had died over five years ago based on some stuff that he told me about. Once he understood where he was and what had happened, he seemed OK.

I don’t know if that many have attitude problems. They seem like living people in attitude as far as I’ve seen. You get all sorts, but most people are pretty nice.

They seem to have various reasons to stay. One lady I know is waiting for her elderly sister to pass on so they can go together. Another lady I know is having more fun dead than she ever did while alive and doesn’t want to mess up a good thing. A man I met doesn’t believe in an afterlife. He knows he is dead, but he still manages to maintain a really strange denial of his situation. He seems to like watching his kids grow up, although he dislikes his oldest daughters boyfriend.

Yes, there are decent people, living and dead, out there.

You certainly have some interesting experiences, Sandy.

By the way, Sandy, I forgot to mention that I really enjoy your Blog. I am sure it will help a lot of people.

I'm surprised I'd never come across this site before.

Sandy is right the site recently moved when my old hosting service stopped providing free web sites. At first I thought you were being humorous because I've mentioned a few other pages from the site (chs4o8pt) many times in the comments to other blog posts here, but after checking google I don't think I ever mentioned that page here before.

Anyway, thank you very much for the link and praise. I saw a lot of traffic on my web stats to that page but the snipurl hid the referrer. Now I know where it came from. Your readers seem take your recommendations a lot more seriously than they do those of anonymous commenters.

Actually your post
which I link to on that page was one of the inspirations for it.

"I have seen this site before - it has a great deal of interesting information although I do not always agree with some of the conclusions having known some of the people involved."

Can you elaborate on that?

One of the things I try to do on that page, whenever possible, is to provide short but compelling bits of evidence with links to high quality on-line sources for more information. There are so many book length works I didn't need to do that again. I just wanted to get people's attention and quickly spoon feed them the facts, and then tell them where to go if they want more information or a more rigorous discussion of the evidence. That seems to be the best way to it on the internet.

Hi |

I will contact you by email rather than get involved in a discussion on here.


Thanks for the kind words, Zerdini. I’m still surprised that anyone reads it, lol.

Thanks Sandy

Have you ever met any mean ones?

Kris, I've met jerks. I don't think I would classify any of them as mean though.

In addition to what Sandy said I will add...

a.) what exactly is an Earthbound Spirit?

A spirit who is so attached to things of the earth life that their mind is focused on it and as a result they sometimes don't want to make the transition or they don't perceive they are dead or they don't perceive spirit guides who come to help them with the transition. It is more likely to happen to people who die a sudden death in an accident or as a victim of violence or sometimes even a sudden illness. During a natural, gradual death people are prepared for the transition, sometimes with death bed visions of spirits and the spirit world before they die.

b.) Why do some many of them seem to have attitude problems?

The ones with attitudes generate good stories so you are more likely to hear about them either causing problems as poltergeist, or causing hauntings in other ways, or bother living people they become attached to, or giving trouble to mediums who they find they can communicate with. A medium might not recognize an pleasant earth bound spirit as being earth bound. A nice earth bound spirit that becomes attached to a living person might be confused with a spirit guide or helper and not referred to as earth bound.

c.) Why do they stay

They either can't conceive that they are dead, they can't perceive spirit guides who are trying to help them, or they want to stay near the earth. One of the thing that makes living people perceptive of communicating with spirits is belief that it is possible. Doubt is an obstacle. It is true of spirits too. If a spirit isn't thinking about the fact that they are dead, or doesn't believe in the afterlife, or doesn't think that spirits might be coming to help them, they might not be able perceive guides coming to them. This is one reason spirits communicate through mediums - to help people understand and believe there is an afterlife so that when they die they have an easier time with the transition and don't cause so much trouble to their spirit guides.

d.) are there any kind, intelligent, decent earth bound spirits

Yes. They don't make it into the folklore because they don't make trouble so any stories about them are not very exciting. Also see above "b".

If you want to help earth bound spirits you can talk to them and tell them the facts of the afterlife:

"If a spirit isn't thinking about the fact that they are dead, or doesn't believe in the afterlife, or doesn't think that spirits might be coming to help them, they might not be able perceive guides coming to them."

This is a principle of psychology in living people too. In many situations, you have to believe in something to be able to see it.

Selective perception is a cognitive bias where people are found to see only what they believe:

that appears to be an interesting website spirit rescue linked to

"b.) Why do some many of them seem to have attitude problems?"

Sometimes it's not the spirit, it's the person. Some people are prejudiced against or afraid of all spirits and will make negative comments about them no matter what they do.

I know one woman who is a medium and even she gives her children a spray bottle of water to spray if they are afraid a ghost is in their room at night.

Isn't that a terrible way to welcome Grandma who might be coming to see how her beloved grandchildren are doing? As a society we have a lot to do to learn to accept spirits and treat them fairly, the way they deserve.

I am constantly amazed by what people are prepared to do to each other with little or no provocation. I suppose there is no reason to suggest that unpleasant people or mischievous folks on Earth change much after physical death.

As for only hearing about the bad things, we already do it ourselves don't we? Most newspapers and TV news reports seem to be reporting 90% negative news and very little good news or the many kindnesses that most of us experience in day to day life (not that I would expect them too).

"Sometimes it's not the spirit, it's the person."

Many people don't realize how hard it can be for a spirit to communicate with a loved one who is still on the earth plane. Sometimes the best the spirit can do is to tap on the wall or turn the lights on and off. And what happens? The person freaks out. Sometimes they move out of the place. Other times they call the exorcist. Either way, a new story about "evil earth bound spirits" starts making the rounds - even when there is nothing evil about the spirit.

Sometimes it's not the spirit, it's the person.

I’m guilty of reacting badly to ghosts. They don’t scare me like they used to, but it is easy to interpret things in a negative way. One man who was trying to get my attention made me feel really sick when he came close to me. I thought he was trying to hurt me so I ran away in a panic. A parapsychologist suggested that I should just talk to the ghost if I saw him again. He said the ghost couldn’t hurt me.

It turned out that this ghost had been trying for a very long time to find someone to talk to. He was trying various ways to communicate, but no one else had picked up on him. He wasn’t trying to hurt me, he was trying to tell me about how he had died of a very painful form of cancer. When I started talking to him I discovered that he wasn’t a bad person at all. He just wanted to talk. He didn’t make me feel sick after that.

Off topic. This "gossip" may be of interest.
Telepathy And The Quantum: Will the Randi Challenge Prize soon be awarded?

The link was too long. Try this instead:

Thanks for the link, Ulysses. Personally I doubt that the million dollars (if it exists) will ever be awarded, no matter what results are obtained. I would like to be wrong, though.

It's all made up, check the link again. How irritating...

Having had a chance to read the article all the way through, I see that the claimants are explicitly saying they do not have any paranormal abilities, though they are coy about what they are really doing. Even if the prize is awarded, it will apparently not mean anything in terms of proving psi. Evidently the whole thing is some kind of trick, which the claimants cheerfully admit.

am i missing something?

in the postscript, near the end of article,
the author wrote,

"I landed on the scenario described above. And yes, that means Cora and Reid and their dealings with the JREF are purely the product of my imagination."

it did get me excited for a moment there...

"am i missing something?"

Nope, I'm the one who missed it. I didn't read the postscript.

Whole thing seems pretty darn stupid to me.

Yeah, Michael, I fell for the Cora and Reid show, m'self.

I understood, in the end, the guy's purpose for his approach, but when I reported the ultimate punchline to my brother he observed it was precisely the sort of account Randi and his Bright chums'll be dining out on for months, especially when it starts being repeated on the net as something that actually happened, so much so he wondered at the guy's ultimate motivation...

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