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Having seen Randi 'up close and personal' I have to agree with you Michael.

To be fair, he has never claimed to be anything other than a showman, best expressed by his own remark,

'I am a charlatan, a liar, a thief and a fake altogether.'

A very lucid analysis Michael. Thank you.

Another point: I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that you need at least one hand on the harmonica to play it -- in order to put your fingers on the stops. If this is true, it poses yet another insoluble difficulty for Randi's theory, because both of Home's hands were held while music was playing, and neither hand was anywhere near his mouth. (He could not have used the old substitution-of-hands trick, because the room was not dark.)

If I remember correctly, I think Rolf Harris used to play the harmonica without hands. It was held in place by two rods attached to the sides of his neck( I think this device has a name). Still, I can't see how you could sucessfully fix a harmonica into a moustache and conceal it.

"Another point: I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that you need at least one hand on the harmonica to play it -- in order to put your fingers on the stops."

To get certain effects you need your hands, but hands are not required to play a song if you have a brace for your harmonica.

Hiding a typical harmonica in your mustache would make you look hilarious, because you'd need a hilarious looking mustache to hide it.

However, if you had a small enough harmonica already concealed in your mouth, you might be able to play it using your tongue and breathing, with your mouth sightly open. I imagine it would have to be quite small, though, and you would be limited to playing simple tunes.

Most atheists claim to believe in science and the scientific method and then they use randi and his million-dollar challenge as a source of proof that the paranormal does not exist.

His great and brilliant pr stunt even fools most atheists who worship at the altar of their intellect and reasoning abilities.

Of course on the other side of the coin are people that believe every medium’s words.

As I have stated many times the atheist lives on very slippery slope as one unexplained phenomenon and they have a paradigm crash and intense embarrassment of the highest order.

Randi, dawkins, and hitchens have found themselves a group of followers that have lost their ability to be skeptical of their own cherished beliefs. Sounds like a religion to me.

Atheism has no invisible means of support.

Michael, have you read Braude's analyses of the Home-accordian experiment? He is very thorough.

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