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The Bridey Murphy case is a classic example of how facts can be deleted and even outright lies told to discredit the case. The initial investigation was too quickly done and failed to fully expose or validate the statements that “bridey murphy” had made under hypnosis. Later a journalist did some more in depth research into this case and found that many of the statements Bridey made were in fact accurate that had been pronounced inaccurate.

If you want to see how far bias can be taken, this link below by the skeptics reveals how important it is to discredit any suggestion of the paranormal. Please note how they soon resort to opinions rather than the “facts” of the case, which is something they accuse others of doing but fall into the same trap of expressing cherished beliefs over the scientific method.

It is important to know that these skeptics that worship at the altar of scientism know very little about research design or the scientific method. Their design of experiments with the Russian girl was a travesty at best. That research revealed results even after being poorly designed that suggested further research needed to be done. Any researcher worth his credentials would have ended that research by stating, “the data obtained suggests that additional research needs to be done”.

But this is what makes paranormal reading and research so interesting.

I watched Hogan's Heros as a kid, but I don't think I could manage much more German than, "Schnell, dumkopf!" and "Sieg Heil!"

Anything more an I'd plum for the paranormal explanation.

Throwing in a "left field" comment here: From a quantum physical holographic universe perspective; past life regression can be explained handily. The universe is comprised of self-consistent recursive intersecting waves from the aether that give rise to the effects we call the material universe. Information is transmitted and stored on these waves as it is on a hologram, in your mind/brain or on a hard drive; it is all the same (fractal in character; the universe is the same at all scales). You are already familiar with this truth in that you all understand that information is encoded, decoded and transmitted via sound or light waves to bring you radio, television and other things like broadband.
Since information is ubiquitous throughout the universe owing to its holographic properties all things that have ever been are accessible forever afterward on the coherent memory of the energy waves emitted from the quantum foam upward to material existence. Any one of us can access that information with sufficient training and will. Some of us connect to points in the universal information grid accidentally; others with deliberation. In any case the phenomenon has a scientific basis that explains it. Google keywords "holographic universe, DNA-Wave biocomputer, quantum bioholography, Secrets of the Aether, APM, a new foundation of physics, electric universe"

colleen are you related to a person called art.

sorry my idea of a joke as art used to be big in the holographic universe.

"In any case the phenomenon has a scientific basis that explains it."

science believes it can explain a lot of things. look at the history of science and a lot of things it explained as facts turned out not to be so factual.

I sometimes wonder if these past life regressions are not necessarily past lives that the hypnotized peopled lived, but spirits of people speaking through the person in the trance. Maybe it's something similar to the 'Akashic records' that Edgar Cayce spoke of. So maybe its not a past life or even a possession, but merely someone reading a record of someones past life similar to how Cayce read the 'Akashic record'.

Why one particular record may attach to one particular living person, I don't know. Just something I've been thinking about.

Memories of a past life might be genuine and yet not proof of reincarnation. Anyone familiar with Rupert Sheldrake's theory of memory existing in a morphic field, which also may contain the memories of past similar organisms, can easily imagine a process by which, under unusual circumstances, very detailed memories of the lives of past individuals, who are not strictly one's own previous incarnations, could be accessed.

Okay slightly off focus but have you read any of the really strong cases of reincarnation documented by Stevenson? Again you would have to cook up something highly unlikely to explain it away, and that is for every strong case.

How likely is it that two things that seem to strongly point to life after death, that their strongest cases can only be explained away with highly unlikely scenarios are not best explained by life after death? And there are more evidences then just NDEs and Reincarnation where again you have to cook up something highly unlikely to explain them away.

If you believe the Bridey Murphy case is an authentic example of reincarnation, you need to read "All In The Mind" by Ian Wilson. It takes the evidence apart piece by piece. As far a the comment above by some guy who says he watched Hogan's Heroes and is yet unable to put forth meaningful German slang, he doesn't understand the conditions needed for the unconscious mind to kick into gear and start producing such effects. It is not an ability the average person can summon at will.

colleen are you related to a person called art. sorry my idea of a joke as art used to be big in the holographic universe. - william

First off Colleen is not my dopple. Her writing is much better than mine and she explained it much better than I could, but I guess I don't need to tell you that I agree with her 100%? Ha ha ha!

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