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Hot dog, that's funny!

Incidentally aren't the two sides of coins known as the object and the reverse?? If so, was that where you got your term?

Oops, my mistake: it's obverse and reverse.

I reckon The Diaries of Cassandra Prune would be a hot bestseller!

italics off

"Oops, my mistake: it's obverse and reverse."

Obversalism might have been a better name for Prune's philosophy ...

Ha! You should turn that into a screenplay. The Farrelly brothers could turn that into a comic masterpiece.

Hi Mr. Prescott,

I'm curious if you've read Melvin Harris's attempted debunking of the R-101 case in his book Investigating the Unexplained.

I've never heard of Melvin Harris or his book. Sorry.

I did read John Booth's attempted debunking in his book "Psychic Paradoxes." I discussed it here:

To be frank, I've found so much dishonesty and misrepresentation among professional skeptics that I seldom pay attention to them anymore. Of course I'm not speaking of Mr. Harris, whom I know nothing about - just professional debunkers in general.

At some point I think we just have to make up our own minds and not worry about every possible objection that someone could throw at us.

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