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Good one, MP! I enjoyed your usual witticisms.....chin up! As long as you survive, and others like you, the whole world is not likely to become brain dead! LOL! Later, Di

Speaking of Vampires.... We recently started watching True Blood, which is a little risque, but it's pretty entertaining. It's an HBO show about Vampires. We missed the first season on HBO so we ordered it from Netflix to catch up. We get HBO so we are now watching the 2nd season of True Blood on Sunday Nights. We also recently watched Twilight when it came out on DVD. We got it from Netflix.

One of my favorite shows on TV right now is The Big Bang on CBS on Monday Nights. It's hilarious. I also like 2 1/2 Men. I pretty much watch the whole CBS comedy lineup on Monday Nights, and then I was watching Medium on NBC after that. Medium may be moving to CBS on Friday Nights. Tuesday nights I watch American Idol, Wednesday American Idol, Scrubs, & Top Chef, Thursday night is NBC night, and Friday it's Ghost Whisperer. I think I read somewhere that CBS may be getting Medium and putting on right after Ghost Whisperer? Saturday Nights we watch a Neflix Movie and on Sunday Nights we watch Desperate Housewives. I'm not embarrassed at all by the way about my TV preferences.

"The moral I take from all this is twofold: First, we live in a stupid world of ongoing stupidness and stupidity."

It was a good idea for you to make this point over inanities. When you use politics and economic policies to make the same point it is just as easy but it is much more frightening and depressing.

However, this is also an inevitable consequence of aging. As you get older and wiser the average age of the rest of the population remains the same and people become stupider relative to you.

I think this explains why after a few incarnations people move beyond the earth sphere. If you were already wise when you were born, how could you stand living here?

For me, the most irritating aspect of the recent vampire chic is that many of the interpretations veer so drastically from established tropes that the vampires lose their visceral (ha ha) punch.

The Twilight bestsellers, for example, feature a vampire who sparkles in the sunlight. Daylight doesn't make him burst into flames, collapse into dust or otherwise threaten his existence. No, sunlight makes this vampire sexier! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

A folklorist or literary scholar could probably parse these changes better than I. But a lot of recent vampires are so far removed from their origins that they hardly seem like vampires to me. Vampires belong to the class of threatening beings who go bump in the night. But sparkling in the sunlight undercuts that ancient, folkloric power.

"Vampires belong to the class of threatening beings who go bump in the night."

That's true. There's nothing inherently stupid about vampires. Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is one of my favorite books, and I've seen most of the film versions, from the silent "Nosferatu" onward. (Hammer's "Horror of Dracula," the film that introduced Christopher Lee as the Count, is probably the best, though the Spanish-language version of the original "Dracula," which was filmed simultaneously with the Bela Lugosi version on the same sets with a different cast and crew, is also very good.)

What's stupid is the way vampires have been dumbed down to teen-idol status. "The new James Dean," indeed!

My stupid for the day is the laughing sound tracks that are used for sitcoms. Almost every comment made then here comes that laughing sound track for almost every remark made. The last sitcom I watched was Seinfeld.

Also most sitcoms are nothing more than who can put down whom the most or the dumb male that is always screwing up or worst the toilet humor. This put down mentality appears to have made its way to society and cheap put downs in causal conversations are now considered funny.

And of course one person’s stupid is another person’s entertainment. Some people may actually enjoy seeing 28 little people killed and others mangled by a lion. Maybe a newer soul thing as we have our rage in the cage “entertainment”.

Maybe someday the human species will realize that to put down another person is to put down oneself. I.e. the oneness thing. Ok maybe that realization will not occur for a very long time. As Emmanuel stated in his book where would you go to school if your world were perfect. Hard to fathom but we live in a perfectly imperfect world.

Diana Ross the singer comments on here and is interested in the paranormal?

I think zoombies are much more cool than vampires.

MP: An excellent post with which I concur completely. Over the years I have drifted away from a comprehension of the world I live in, but without much regret. Such things as fascination with vampires I view as a repellent absence of reverence for life. But what else is new?
Mainly I wanted to draw attention to your fleeting allusion to A.E. Housman. I became acquainted with the relevant lines of poetry many decades ago, but they still send a chill down my spine when they come to mind. I quote from memory, so the following may not be exact.
How am I to face the odds
Of man's bedevilment and God's?
I, a stranger and afraid,
In a world I never made?
In its power and simplicity, to me nothing could be more accurate than this statement.

“If you were already wise when you were born, how could you stand living here?”

I think most souls continue to reincarnate until they are able to see the underlying reality of all or most appearances. There may be more to this world than meets the eye. Maybe Jesus was on to something when he is given credit for stating something to the effect do not judge by appearances.

As a side note I am now reading the book “fifty years a medium” by Estelle Roberts and there are some interesting pages (136 to 139) that deals with the subject of languages between the sitter and the spirit and the medium’s ability to speak in a foreign language. And Estelle makes some interesting comments about the longer a spirit is in the spirit world the less of a need for language.

It appears that language is needed in this physical world but not in these higher dimensions of existence. It also appears much can be lost with the communication process in this physical world; the translation going from the communicator’s thoughts to be able to choose the right and the known word as a phonetic sound and then this phonetic sound translated back to a meaningful thought by the receiver.

I know in the dream state or visitation that I had about two decades ago that entity was able to communicate with telepathic communication and it was a most wonderful and effective experience. An experience that I have never forgotten even after twenty years, just like it happened 5 minutes ago. What I experienced was an instant understanding of her thoughts and the message she was sending to my mind. I have never experienced anything in this life even close to that level of a communication process.

Oh yeah, Anne Rice's Vampire books... I loved them! I've read them all starting with Intervie With The Vampire then The Vampire Lestat... Good stuff! Queen of the Damned, etc. I read recently that Anne Rice has gone Christian so I wonder if she will write any more Vampire books? Not sure how all that will work? Sure was fun while it lasted though.

"Diana Ross the singer comments on here and is interested in the paranormal?"

It's a different Diana Ross.

"Peephole" Magazine? Love that.

I agree with you on Stoker's "Dracula". Great read. Remarkable that pop culture takes the vampire, essentially a parasite, and romanticizes it into sex symboldom ("SIMPLE-dom"?).

I believe the Chinese curse goes: "May you live in interesting times" (anxiety-provoking times of great change and social upheaval).

Here's another appropriate quote from Friedrich von Schiller: "Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain". Stupid times are interesting times. Let's hope things don't get TOO interesting...

The lion story is a fake !

Diana,oh baby.....look, I've written this wonderful'd be just perfect for's called....'Everything's beautiful up here'

Sweetest regards,
Marvin xxx

"The lion story is a fake !"

Dang, you're right. I suppose I should be glad that no midgets were actually harmed in the making of this blog post.

Guess I'll have to update the post now. The lion story did sound a little crazy, but who knows what goes on in Cambodia?

"I believe the Chinese curse goes: 'May you live in interesting times' "

I was making a funny.

"I pretty much watch the whole CBS comedy lineup on Monday Nights"

So do I. I also watch two CBS comedies on Wednesday: "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and "Gary Unmarried." Both are uneven, but can be very funny. "Christine," in particular, has had some outstanding episodes.

"I pretty much watch the whole CBS comedy lineup on Monday Nights" - Art
"So do I." - Michael Prescott


Isn't The Big Bang hilarious! It's got to be one of the best comedies on TV. I guess it's my favorite show, and I watch a lot of TV. I can't wait for it to start back in the fall. I used to also watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles but it's been canceled for next year. I enjoyed ogling Summer Glau. I read that the reason that Sarah Connor Chronicles was canceled was because it was too expensive to make. Because of all the cancellations I'll have to rearrange my viewing starting in the fall.

"I enjoyed ogling Summer Glau."

Then you must have *loved* the episode of "Big Bang Theory" when the guys find themselves on a train with Summer Glau. "Dude, I have a shot at a Terminator!"

That's a great sitcom - especially the interplay between Sheldon and Penny. By the way, the two main characters, Sheldon and Leonard, are named in homage to 1960s TV producer Sheldon Leonard, who created "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

If you liked "Sarah Connor Chronicles," give Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" a chance when it comes back (Friday nights on Fox). It started off rather weak, but got better as it went along and became a very strong show by the end of its first season.

Then you must have *loved* the episode of "Big Bang Theory" when the guys find themselves on a train with Summer Glau. "Dude, I have a shot at a Terminator!" - Michael Prescott

Oh yes, I did! I watched it twice. I rarely watch anything twice. I also like cooking shows. I like Iron Chef (both the Japanese version and the new American version). I watch the Japanese version of the show on FLN and then the American version on the Food Channel on Sunday evenings and Thursday nights. I'm pretty obsessed with food. I also love Anthony Bourdain's NO Reservations and Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods. Tony Bourdain is so cool.

Speaking of stupid... Jeezus the fireworks are exploding all around us. It sounds like Iraq outside our house. Fireworks are legal in Tennessee. I can't get past the amount of money they cost. I'm way too cheap to spend my money on fireworks. I don't really like the noise either. I like things peaceful and quiet.

A new urban legend is born. Midgets against a lion.

Heh heh heh! I just found a Summer Glau wallpaper and set it as my background. Wonder what my wife will say when she sees it?


"Update, July 4: Kristofer in comments has alerted me to the fact that the lion story is a hoax. It never happened. The whole thing was a joke that got out of hand."

"Is it wrong of me that I feel just a little bit disappointed?"

Yeah but it sounded stupid and outrageous enough to be true. So what's the real shock? That it wasn't true? Or that it seemed like something that could have been?

The whole vampire thing really took off with the first Highlander movie, which featured an ageless near-immortal with a katana and a trenchcoat.

He wasn't exactly a vampire, but he typified what the audience wants. Vampires in recent fiction have leaned toward Highlander-knock-offs.

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