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I completely agree with the "it's too soon" complaint. I liked the show, but I'm all Buffied out. And with no Sarah Michelle Gellar to move me to go see it, why bother?

Now off I go to dinner and a movie, which will either be Star Trek (again) or Land of the Lost (it's out, right?).

This former 'Buffy' online community member/chatroom junkie casts another vote for "(WAY) too soon". Even a great film, unlikely as that is, would move me to something quite apart from nostalgia...

I get enough nausea from what I've read has been done to LotL; cheesy it may have been, but it's a treasured mind-expanding part of my childhood experience.

This is off-topic, but as most of you probably already know, actor David Carradine was found dead in strange circunstances:

Look at this fight scene with Chuck Norris:

Back on topic. My daughter is going ballistic.

I know! Buffy gets married, has a passel of kids, and they're all Vampire Slayers!
I know! Buffy herself becomes a vampire!
I know! Buffy is abducted bu aliens, gets new super powers!
Wait a minute, you're not following the plot.
Plot? We don't need no stinking plot. We got a hot property. There's money to be made...

Yeah, Joss Whedon was a good TV writer (not that he still isn't, but I haven't managed to catch a single episode of Dollhouse yet) and I don't know that it would still be Buffy without him. It was likable because it had his signature all over it.

Firefly was great too for the same reason, even though it never caught. It was still a good show.

Dollhouse was very uneven - it started off rather weak, but developed some real momentum and fascinating plot complications as it went along. Despite low ratings, it's coming back for a second season. (Hurray!)

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