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One last the way Raimo, whatever appears to be "re" incarnation is nothing more than an illusion. It seems that the vast majority of people (including psychics) haven't realized this, so there's no need to feel bad that you haven't/can't.

Also, at least in many cases, those "birthmarks" are not, what you have arrived at the conclusion, what they appear to be. It's very obvious that they are not always what they may be, even based on what Elias has said. I'm sure you are not at all aware of what they may be evidence of, based on Elias' comments because you don't understand the magnitude of what Elias has stated.

You also appear to be painfully unaware of what the other likelihood of those birthmarks are, at least in some cases. This is grounded in your denial of realities that differ from what you already believe...and rest assured that this belief of "re" incarnation is simply a myth.

Here I am again, the way, William, you stated:

""Reincarnation does appear for me at least to fill in some of the blanks into the mysteries of life."

-Yes, it appears that way, doesn't it? That's one of the reasons that this mythical belief came into existence. It appears, on the surface, to make some sense, but when you dig much deeper, it makes no sense at all, and in fact, has all of it's roots in mythical human reasoning. Even the "advanced" spirits don't seem to know this...neither do they seem to know that all of the roots of this myth, are based on exactly that, human reasoning from a small perspective...myths.

One other thing I now find interesting, although at one time I didn't see it this way,(when I was a "believer" in reincarnation)is the way that reincarnationists adamantly defend their belief with false logic...even to the point of viewing life after life as nothing more than a little staging ground for the "next" life...when in reality there is simply no time, no past and no future in the greater reality, and this is well attested to by numerous spiritual sources. Thus, there can be no "re" incarnation at all, very small thinking, indeed. As if "earth" lives are what EVERYTHING is about...nothing could be further from the truth.

Sorry, once again...I just noticed this statement from an NDEr (that occured when he was 8 years old) who has realized the reality and meaning of what "no time" truly states, and science is validates.

"Q. Are we supposed to know?

"I know for me, knowing there is a loving end to this trick love dimension gives me great comfort... and knowing that I get to keep all of the moments when I shined and when I was shined upon... makes me want to make my life as full of loving kindness as possible... there is a downside though... because I miss home...where time ends..."

Did you get that? "WHERE TIME ENDS". No past, no future, only NOW. No "re" incarnation. No past or future "anything", only an illusion inserted into this world that is un-noticed by the majority.

Elias looks quite intelligent and the "advanced" spirits and "enlightened" individuals seem to be under the illusion spell. Oh well, at least it gives them some kind of concept of eternal life to hold onto, even if that concept is false.

Everything is running parallel (sideways), not back and forth, as it appears to many, to be. Therefore there is no "re" anything.

DON: Are a lot of our belief systems built on fears that we will experience coming too close to something that’s essentially true?

ELIAS: Correct.

ELIAS: You are conflicting yourselves, but you are conflicting yourselves within your belief systems. You are limiting yourselves within your belief systems.

"You obviously have not read the comments carefully"

I have no interest to read your long messages. If you write shorter and more coherent messages, maybe I'll read them.

That Elias you mentioned is only fictional character. Why should I care about some charlatan's fantasy?

Most of your messages are only about beliefs and wild speculation. You claim that I'm not logical but still you believe what some "Elias" says.

Lets try a different approach here and I am speaking to myself also not just others. Does it really matter if you are right and I am wrong in the realty of soul evolution? It appears that the purpose of life is more than just being right and letting others know they are wrong in their beliefs.

How we respond to their beliefs if they differ from ours may be a bigger purpose and have more impact on our soul than proving we are right in our beliefs. Stated another way; the way we respond may have more bearing on our soul than just being right and trying to prove to the world that we know and they don’t. Knowledge is good but maybe love and compassion is healthier for the soul.

Stated another way it is the compassion that we show those that do not believe as we believe or know what we know or think we know. Now I say compassion not tolerance as with tolerance we still have often made an initial self-righteous judgment that we know and they do not know and maybe we do but again how we respond to their ignorance (unawareness) may be the bigger picture in the scheme of life.

I mean some people can spend their entire adult lives doing research and be certain that their bible contains all truth. Some people will even fly large airplanes though large buildings thinking they are doing God’s work for “him”. That is the power of unawareness in action. But again without that unawareness there is no perceived us just Isness. Now how we respond to that person who does not share our beliefs or knowledge is in my opinion of paramount importance. Again I am talking to myself here also. These may be deep lessons I need to learn also.

From my point of view we humans can often put all of our research into one or a very few baskets. But the reality is if we were not unaware and had perfect awareness there would be no us to have these discussions. Interesting paradox isn’t it. Kind of like with unawareness we suffer but without unawareness there is no us to suffer. And we seem to like the idea of being an individual personality.

Now from my point of view if we come across as self righteous, hostile, confrontational, or belligerent in our tone of voice or writings that is not certainty but nagging doubt at a subconscious level whispering to our conscious that we are unable to see. The soul is indeed to me at least a fascinating phenomenon and the human species is I suspect just one aspect of that phenomena we call life.

Also I suspect that the ego loves to think it is right and others wrong but that self-righteous is not based in love but fear. Fear of extinction I suspect. Self-inquiry can be a very mentality painful agenda and from the ego’s point of view self-righteous is much more satisfying to the unaware ego.

Not sure this will make much sense but maybe the process of loving is more important then the results of our knowledge. Ok sermon over.

"Does it really matter if you are right and I am wrong in the realty of soul evolution?"

Well, William, yes it does seem to matter, and I'll tell you why. Since I work somewhat in hospice, I know people who have committed suicide over "hell" and over "re"incarnation. It turns out that both are myths. Love and compassion certainly is better for the soul. And, that love and compassion had better be able to stand a second measuring stick to "reality". And that second measuring stick is indeed love and compassion. Now, Wiliam, when people who have watched a family member suffer and die and they are told by bloody ignoramuses that the family member "unfortunately" is now damned forever...or, that the family member really doesn't give a damn about them anymore and is reincarnated as somebody or some organism and the response from both of these "truth" bearers is essentially the "well you can't do anything about it anyway" and to paraphrase another of our "enlightened" ones, Krishna, "why grieve over something (reincarnation) that you can't do anything about"...and those people who get fed this spiritual "truth" end up committing suicide, there IS something wrong with that. And no, those who committed suicide didn't "choose" anything like that..they were fed BS from idiots and became victims of "spiritual truth". Big problem here. This very scenario is one of the things that caused me to analyze the "truth" that I professed about reincarnation and even "hell" became a part of that search. It was very hard for me to accept what I found in that search, that took place an average of 6 hours per day for almost 3 years. What I found out was that BOTH were complete nonsense. And I didn't like it, like Raimo and other reincarnationists, I didn't want to accept what I was finding, and even reverted back to trying to find ways to get around the myths that I was becoming aware order to satisfy MYSELF. This is why "beliefs" are important. Because those beliefs (based on pure myth) affect others. And, it's not THEIR fault for what's the fault of fooolish people who perpetuate myths for THEIR OWN benefit. Both fundamentalists and reincarnationists have no problem facing someone and stating "truth" to them, and then they will watch that person die as a result of their "truth" and say something to the effect of "well, he/she couldn't handle reality."

Yes, loving is more important than the source of your knowledge, but your "source" better be able to meet the worst case scenario without disastrous results or your "source" might not be much of a "source" after all. If something doesn't pass the worst case scenario test, there's probably something wrong with IT, but not wrong with the "result" of the failure. Karma and reincarnation are myths, take a honest look for yourself, you'll find it all out. If I was able to, surely you can. Incidentally, the first person who laid the reality of "time" and "re" incarnation on me was a lady who is a genuine medium. When I spoke about reincarnation with her, she just laughed. She proceeded to tell me how she knew it was not happening (besides all the historical evidence of the myth) and it was all time/science related. It didn't register with me for almost two years later. Then, it hit me in the face, I found all the historical myth evidence, and it was obvious who the "advanced" spirits were. They weren't the "advanced" earthbound spirits either. Another reason I'm concerned about the myth of "re" incarnation is because it seems that at least some who "believe" this nonsense really do try to "come back" the expense of other people. Likely with the "help" of some of those "advanced" earthbound spirits who continue to perpetuate myths like karma and "re"incarnation. All that has happened, is the myth of transmigration to and from other species (which is the initial teaching of reincarnation) has been "shaped" by people. It has morphed into all kinds of watered down things that it never was. It seems human beings like to discard what doesn't seem so good about this mythical belief, and keep what DOES sound good. You can morph it into anything you want, including reincarnating as soul groups (another myth) but it won't change the "root" of the belief which is grounded in nothing but man made myth. Just like hell, karma and original sin.

"That Elias you mentioned is only fictional character."

-Take Raimo, for instance. He is a classic example of what I'm talking about. He already "knows" what is real and what isn't and so he passes everything through his lens of what he already "knows" in order to assess it's validity.

"Most of your messages are only about beliefs and wild speculation."

-Raimo already "knows" what is real and what's not. What he doesn't seem to understand is this (most don't):

1-science already knows that time is relevant, time in this world is an illusion, it's relevant to the observer, Einstein proved this. Do some research for yourself and find out.
2-biology can't even give you a 100% positive answer about how a cat purrs! Yet, Raimo, knows when birthmarks are formed on a fetus/embryo, as well as why and how. Another great illusion.
3-you appear to be willing to proclaim "advanced" spirits as such, regardless of the fact that they perpetuate man made myths as well as being completely unaware of something (relative time in THIS world) that even mortals now know.
4-it doesn't matter how much you cross reference dumb with dumb, regarding spirits. Dumb+dumb=dumb. This is a constant. When it defies what is already known to mortal science and what is testified to in overwhelming spiritual sources, it is always "dumb". Regardless of whether it fits into what you already "know" or not.

I already know there is life beyond this tiny bubble. There are a lot of bubbles, pretty redundant to keep returning to the same little bubble, not? A major out of body happened to me where I saw myself from up at the ceiling, was able to turn my head, experienced the void (darkness) and the 'light'. As well, I have a TINY understanding of what takes place with mediums because these things also happen to me, without my desire for them to happen. I have identified people's deceased relatives, whom I did not know, etc. I have a tiny idea of how things "take place" for mediums. Very hard to explain, but there are other realities superimposed over this world, and at times, these other realities become visible to me.

Regarding time, I have also forecast my own mother and dad's passing before they were ever ill. In fact, I saw the very setting with my dad in a casket, the color of it and what he was wearing, which all turned out to be correct. Months before he was even ill. If there is such a thing as "time" would you care to explain how this would even be possible?

I don't need Ian Stevenson to prove anything to me. And, I'm also aware of a much bigger picture of Ian Stevenson's "conclusions" than Raimo is, I dare say. By the way William, our friend Elias has a 100 page Q&A about animals, plants and consciousness. You'll be glad to know that human beings have never been dinosaurs nor vegetation.

Here's a little more corroboration of statements by Elias, for you William...According to Robert A. Monroe's Ultimate Journey it is the numerous separate fragments of an oversoul who incarnate and never one soul reincarnating over and over. When tuning in through meditation or through dream states, these past lives of those fragments of one's oversoul are easily experienced or interpreted as one's own. These fragments often exist as members of like minded individuals living together in a group or community in the afterlife.)

“Yes, loving is more important than the source of your knowledge, but your "source" better be able to meet the worst case scenario without disastrous results or your "source" might not be much of a "source" after all”

In my last post I did not even use the word source or imply any source. These comments were just my observations about the process of life, as I know it. Is it impossible for you to see that name-calling and aggressive behavior towards those that disagree with you is suspicious at the very least. Those that have a knowing beyond knowing which you claim to have from your sources don’t respond to others comments that don’t happen to agree with you in such a manner by calling others dumb or idiots. Name-calling is the last line of defense, denial, self-righteousness or whatever when one is very insecure in their beliefs.

I tried a different approach to reach you but in the end it is I that must search deep into why I would try or feel a need to try such an approach and continue to reply to your comments.

There is the subtle but profound difference between a realization and intellectual knowledge by the way one responds to comments outside of one’s beliefs. A person that has had a realization that leads to a knowing beyond knowing is not threatened by others opinions or beliefs that differs from theirs on a particular subject matter. They don’t have to be threatened they have a knowing that transcends others beliefs that differs from their knowing what is a reality from what is beliefs. I.e. they don’t feel vulnerable by others beliefs.

It is often easy to spot the difference if one takes the time to communicate with a person that claims this I am right you are wrong attitude. With these comments I am not suggesting I have a knowing beyond knowing about reincarnation just what the evidence has shown me to date. We all have to decide how we will accept that evidence as a reality. Those are the choices we make that make us who we are.

Why do I have that feeling that even though you have stated many times you will no longer comment your comments will be forth coming. From my point of view our egos will not give up that easy as egos live in fear of not being right. Also my beliefs are that rigid ego identification is just a phase and a needed phase of a soul’s consciousness development. The ego is not to be condemned but to be understood and if at all possible loved.

Take heart you comments give me much to think about. Thank you for that.

You're right William, my ego has gotten the better of me, thanks for pointing that out so that I realize what is happening. I will leave you and Raimo with this:

Raimo seems to think that these birth marks are "present" at some certain point (based on Stevenson), so perhaps he would like to explain these cases of attachment OCCURING 6-7 WEEKS IN UTERO: (…regressing the man, Baldwin determined that a 62-year-old male architect suffering from “gender dysphoria” was found to have been controlled by his mother’s girlfriend who had died in a boating accident before he was born. She had entered the mother’s womb and attached herself to him about the sixth or seventh week in utero.)(A recent case: Little Sam explained to his mom how he reincarnated: First he was in his aunt’s tummy and didn’t get born. Then he tried to get back into the aunt’s tummy, but she was already pregnant. So he tried to kick her out. Then he got in his mother’s tummy and then he got born… I sure did work hard getting here, Mom! – the miniscule reincarnationist bragged. But how would spiritualists interpret little Sam’s cutesy victory in “getting born”? Even to the workaday ear, the child’s story conveys something more of body-snatching than the supposedly natural process and “cosmic law” of rebirth taught by reincarnationists. So, which is it – reincarnation or body snatching?)

If you are sure that spontaneous “memories” are truly memories of a “past self”, and these spontaneous “memories” are further “proof” of reincarnation, would you please explain why this information does not support your certainty? (Here is a brief description of three mentioned by Ian Stevenson, in his book Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation: First, there is the case of an Indian boy named Jasbir, aged three and a half, who was very ill and lapsed into a coma which his family temporarily mistook for death. He revived a few hours later, and after several weeks displayed a completely transformed behavior, claiming to be a Brahmin named Sobha Ram, who died in an accident while he (Jasbir) was sick. Since Sobha Ram died when Jasbir was already three and a half years old, his "past-life recall" obviously cannot be a proof of reincarnation. More than that, the "reincarnation" of Ram’s soul must have taken place even before he had physically died, according to the timing of his accident and the illness of Jasbir. For the previous 3.5 years both persons lived physically in nearby villages. While speaking through Jasbir, the "reincarnated Mr. Ram" said that he was advised by a saint to take cover in Jasbir’s body. As a result, at a certain moment there were present two personalities in Jasbir’s body: the one of the child and the one of Mr. Ram. This suggests that it cannot be a case of reincarnation, but rather a possession of Jasbir’s body by the so-called spirit of Mr. Ram.)(Second, there is the case of Lurancy Vennum, a one-year-old girl who began to display the personality of Mary Roff when she (Mary Roff) died. This situation lasted several months, while Mary Roff claimed to have occupied the vacated body of the little girl. After this period Mary Roff departed and Lurancy Vennum resumed control. The overlapping of personalities and messages displayed during that period are strong indications of possession, excluding any possibility of reincarnation. Ian Stevenson admits in his book that "other cases of the present group of 20 cases may be instances of similar ‘possessing influences’ in which the previous personality just happened to die well before the birth of the present personality’s body" (p. 381). (Third, there is the case of a Buddhist monk, Chaokhun Rajsuthajarn, who was born a day before the death of Nai Leng, the personality he claimed to have been in his previous life. Stevenson commented in an interview: "I studied this case with much care but couldn't find an explanation for the discrepancy" (Omni Magazine 10(4):76 (1988)).

Perhaps you could answer this question a legitimate medium: “If reincarnation is a great and natural spiritual truth, and we live many, many, MANY lives, and birthmarks are “proof” of that great and natural truth, then after all of those lives (perhaps millions), why aren’t we all walking around covered in birthmarks?”

If reincarnation “just makes sense” and birthmarks are a “proof” of reincarnation, would you please explain how much sense it makes to brand a new body with the traces of a painful past? Why would a soul come back with its former defects? Why not take full advantage of the new body and leave old scars behind? Or, if reincarnation is a shining example of our unlimited free will, why choose to return stigmatized with ancient traumas?

If you are absolutely sure that hypnosis “regression” is harmless and there is no such thing as attachment/obsession, would you please explain why this observation by Ian Stevenson is incorrect/invalid? Would you please also explain why, if regression is nothing more than memories of your “former” self (not obsession/attachment), your “former” self would REFUSE TO GO AWAY? (Ian Stevenson states: This kind of investigation can actually be dangerous. Some people have been terribly frightened by their supposed memories, and in other cases the previous personality evoked has refused to go away for a long time and the subject in such cases has been left in an altered state of personality for several days or more. (Omni Magazine 10(4):76 (1988)).

The doctrine would seem to be almost definitely exploded by Dr. Carl A. Wickland, whose wonderful work in curing obsession is noticed in [section] 80. According to statement made by earthbound spirits (when controlling the medium), it is not only false, but has caused insanity or obsession in young children, and much suffering to the obsessing spirits. Some of the latter stated that, being theosophists, they had thought reincarnation essential to their development, and accordingly, on passing over, had entered the aura of young children and obsessed them, mistakenly imagining that in doing so they were reincarnated themselves and working out their Karma, which they considered was a religious duty. The fact that their confession and enlightenment coincided with the return to sanity of the patient, proved clearly that they had been the cause of the obsession. Dr. Carl Wickland stated that much of such mental illness was caused by intruding, or obsessing, spirits. “Spirit obsession is a fact – a perversion of a natural law – and is amply demonstrable,” Wickland wrote. “This has been proven hundreds of times by causing the supposed insanity or aberration to be temporarily transferred from the victim to a psychic sensitive who is trained for the purpose, and by this method ascertain the cause of the psychosis to be an ignorant or mischievous spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified.”

If you are a follower of Brian Weiss and have read “Many Lives, Many Masters”, did you take note of these problems: The “masters” who know all about reincarnation come from the lower levels? (Imagine 86 personalities reincarnating in one body. This is what the “Master Spirits” told C., after she started seeing Dr. W. for her chronic anxieties. When she began to recite scenarios that passed across her (hypnotic) vision, she seemed to become another person: she had never spoken like this, even the tone of her voice was totally different. These communicators were called “Masters.” In addition, there were entities – and they called themselves “we of the lower levels.” (????) These lower-level entities discoursed at length on reincarnation (linear), with Dr. W. their captive audience, naively impressed with their “wisdom” and ”spiritual knowledge.”

If you, William, are convinced that reincarnation is a "wisdom" discovered by meditators and taught by "advanced" spirits, would you explain why the root of it is based on this kind of mythical invention? (Timaeus Locrus, the Pythagorean, after stating that the doctrine of rewards and punishments after death is necessary to society, proceeds as follows: "For as we sometimes cure the body with unwholesome remedies, when such as are most wholesome produce no effect, so we restrain those minds with false relations, which will not be persuaded by the truth. There is a necessity, therefore, of instilling the dread of those foreign torments: as that the soul changes its habitation; that the coward is ignominiously thrust into the body of a woman; the murderer imprisoned within the form of a savage beast; the vain and inconstant changed into birds, and the slothful and ignorant into fishes.")

The most ancient texts known in India are the Vedic writings, which date from 1,300 B.C. They did NOT refer at any time, to a belief in reincarnation. This may sound shocking to some new age fans. The Vedic writings stated that a person existed as a whole after death. This is why they were buried. Much later, with the introduction of the Brahmanas, man had to face a second death in the afterlife and then return to earth. This was the beginning of the man-made Hindu doctrine of reincarnation. To break this cycle one had to obtain esoteric knowledge. This "secret knowledge" to achieve self-realisation was also taught much later, in the 2nd century A.D., with the introduction of the gnostic religion, which appeared a short time after Christianity. Curiously, they gathered the idea of reincarnation from Plato.

Just wanna add my two cents worth regarding birthmarks. I have experienced OBE's and suffered greatly with sleep paralysis as a young girl/teenager. There were two notable times where I was attacked during one of the sleep paralysis dream states.

In the "dream" I was being attacked by an invisible force and pinned down in my bed, I felt sharp "slicing" pain on my upper inner leg as though I was being knifed, I fought to wake up out of this state, fully aware of my room and surroundings the whole time trying defend myself against this force but unable too move. Anyway I did wake out of the state and and went back to sleep eventually, but later when I woke and got up I looked at my leg and I had a knife like wound in the same spot of the "dream attack" that did bleed and was impossible to have occured by any other means.

Now this has happened a couple of times to me and just recently I had a lady come across my site who experienced something similar. Logic tell me if this can occur to me and others in a dream state why couldn't it occur to a fetus in the womb? Now with the amount of kicking babies do during pregnancy it seems likely they too would be having dreams like we do beyond the womb.

"Take Raimo, for instance. He is a classic example of what I'm talking about. He already "knows" what is real and what isn't and so he passes everything through his lens of what he already "knows" in order to assess it's validity."

You could be as well talking about yourself, Houston. You "know" that reincarnation can't happen and so you pass everything through your lens of what you already "know".

"I don't need Ian Stevenson to prove anything to me. And, I'm also aware of a much bigger picture of Ian Stevenson's "conclusions" than Raimo is, I dare say."

Obviously you haven't studied reincarnation. You write about reincarnation and karma even though reincarnation research has produced lots of evidence suggesting that karma doesn't exist. As Stevenson said, it is a common misconception to think that reincarnation has to involve concept of karma.

"Raimo seems to think that these birth marks are "present" at some certain point (based on Stevenson), so perhaps he would like to explain these cases of attachment OCCURING 6-7 WEEKS IN UTERO: (…regressing the man, Baldwin determined that"

I have two things to say:

1. I wrote earlier that obviously birthmarks/birth defects are produced before birth. 6-7 weeks in utero is before birth.

2. regression is unreliable way to gain information.

"the case of an Indian boy named Jasbir"

I'd say that possession may be the best explanation for this case.

"time in this world is an illusion, it's relevant to the observer, Einstein proved this."

Time's relativity doesn't mean that it's an illusion. Your claim that time in this world is an illusion is only your fantasy. Einstein did NOT prove anything like that. If you claim that he did, it only shows your ignorance of this subject. We have linear time in this physical realm.

“If you, William, are convinced that reincarnation is a "wisdom" discovered by meditators and taught by "advanced" spirits, would you explain why the root of it is based on this kind of mythical invention?”

I don’t ever remember stating the word wisdom. The evidence I have discovered has lead me in the direction that reincarnation may be a reality. I did not have a realization on anything pertaining to reincarnation. This belief at this time came from my research and beliefs are based on many things like conditioned beliefs, personal logic, insights, intellectual discoveries, wishful thinking, but not realizations. Only a realization gives one a knowing beyond knowing and a realization is a very very rare phenomenon. We know not where they come from or how to attain them.

Many suggest that they come from work done in past lives and experiences; some suggest they come from years of meditation but I see little evidence of this approach. The one thing I do know they come in an instant and change the way we view one aspect of the world. The Buddha’s realization gave him a knowing beyond knowing that the origin of suffering was ignorance better defined as unawareness. But his realization did not give him all truths maybe one truth but not all truths.

Now as far as this communication process on the subject of reincarnation, I have found that all communication is an opportunity. Even communication that appears to have a dark cloud associated with it because that dark cloud can lead to rain and after a rain might be a rainbow of self-discovery.

We are souls on a journey and it is my suspect at this time that some souls if not most may decide to incarnate into another physical body to learn lessons they did not learn in their past physical life or to learn new lessons in love and divine intelligence. This is my belief at this time it does not have to be yours.

For me at least the involution of awareness and the evolution of consciousness (awareness) best explain this journey of the soul. Now this evolution of consciousness process appears to be pretty self-evident but the involution process is little discussed in the world. The Christians prefer just to state that man has fallen, of course blaming its origin on the woman i.e. male ego thing. The ego would rather be called sinful than ignorant due to its desire to be right and to claim that others are wrong.

A whole host of problems and suffering arises from this ignorance or unawareness but then without that unawareness there is no us. *Infinite must create and manifest imperfection to express its dynamic potential in an infinite variety of expressions. We are living proof of that dynamic expression and potential in action. This potential is so great we are literally gods in the making, god with a small g of course. The closer our souls get to God’s perfect awareness the greater our powers and divine intelligence to create.

*If one thinks deeply on this sentence it may lead one to discover the origin of our unawareness. I.e. a synonym for unawareness is ignorance.

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