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Wordpress is very good... never had any problems with it.

I use Blogger and I've not had any problems over the last couple of years.

No, stick with typepad. It's never been a problem for me, and I've been commenting for over 2years on this blog. If you transferred, would you lose the archives?

it appears to work 99% of the time for me.

sometimes it gets weird with the email address but that may be my issue.

once in a great while it does not post right away so I give it some time. like overnight.

"If you transferred, would you lose the archives?"

I would keep this blog in existence in order to preserve the existing posts and comments ... at least for a while.

Eventually I might have to export this blog to some new hosting service or archive it on my author Web site or something.

It would be a pain. Not only would it be a lot of work, but any links from other sites to this one would be rendered obsolete. I'd prefer to stick with the status quo, but the comments seem to be causing a big headache. Maybe for only a few people, though?

I suspect that comments with a lot of links may be more likely to disappear, swallowed up by TypePad's spam filter. I'm just guessing about this. However, people who are seeing their comments vanish might try posting a comment with no links and see what happens.

Michael, I'd recommed you Blogger.

My opinion is that all these blogs services work more or less in the same manner, but blogger seems to be a little bit better (but not a substantial difference).

What problems did blogger cause to you?

As far I know, it works fine; I haven't seen any problems with it.

Also, most blogs seems to be of the Blogger type.

It seems that Powerblogs has technical problems (when the blog contains a lot of information). For example, The "Maverick philosopher" had to change to typepad due to technical problems. His former blog in Powerblogs is this:

His current blog in Typepad is this:

I love wordpress personally. Seems to work well with both mac and pc.

Wordpress. It also has tons of plugins. If you want to change, that is.

I don't think Wordpress is a hosting service. It's a software platform, but you have to sign up for a third-party hosting service in order to get online. At least that's the impression I got from a quick look at their site.

I may have figured out the problem with comments anyway. It seems that when a comment has too many links in it, the TypePad spam filter snags the comment and deletes it.

I'm not saying this is always the reason comments are lost, but it seems to be the most common reason.

Also, sometimes it takes a while for the server to process the comment and post it permanently.

"I don't think Wordpress is a hosting service. It's a software platform, but you have to sign up for a third-party hosting service in order to get online. At least that's the impression I got from a quick look at their site."

I might be wrong but I think it's both. I'm fairly sure you can start running a WordPress blog immediately, same as Blogger, on a WP site. But I host mine separately anyway for more control.

My preference would be for Wordpress too.

Your present service is great! I've never seen it lose anyth


People should save their comments on their own computer just like they should save work periodically with any other program on a computer.

Sometimes people don't understand when there are so many comments that they take up more than one page. They think the comment is lost when it is really on a different page.

I vote for the status quo. It's 99.8% fine as it is. So often changing causes far more problems that it solves. Stick with this one.

"I vote for the status quo."

That's pretty much what I've decided for now. If there are major ongoing problems with the comments, I'll reassess.

For the moment, I would advise people to be patient if they don't see their comment show up immediately. It may take a while to be processed by the server. And if it never shows up, cosnider whether it may have contained too many links. The spam filter seems to zero in on link-heavy comments. This is an automated process.

Wordpress seems to be the most popular choice, if I do decide to switch in the future.

"I vote for the status quo."

Well, once you post here a while you figure out the quirks and the user sort of adjusts to anything that goes wrong with patience.

It's always a good idea to save your comments somewhere else though, no matter what platform you are on.

By the way, it finally occurred to me to check my TypePad spam folder. Yes, indeed, the recent missing comments (including two of mine) are in there. The legitimate comments misidentified as spam all contained multiple links.

Clearly, putting too many links in a comment will get the spam filter's attention. If you are having trouble getting a comment to post, consider reducing the number of links.

Michael - Wordpress is DEAD simple to use - is hosted on your own server ( you can get a simple shared hosting space with any good host for really cheap) and you have TOTAL control over your content - and your blog in general.

(there is an anagolous Wordpress "hosted" platform to typepad which is similar to what you are used to - they host your content - but also not a good solution for a really popular blog as yours is - which is free also - and located at

You would have a subdomain at - which is similar to what you have now with Typepad.

To be honest with you - I know you don't do this for money......but with a blog as well traveled as your own - it's a bit silly to use Typepad - this blog has real "value" that you kind of lose ownership of in your present incarnation ( no pun intended..:-) and any hosting company would easily transfer your database files - and move the whole blog for you in an afternoon - ( and for free).

(we publish tons of blogs in many markets - all running Wordpress - and all super simple to maintain)

Quick clarification on above in case unclear - there are TWO Wordpress publishing platforms - one is hosted by them ( like typepad/blogger) and one is hosted by you ( simple one click install of the blog software)

The hosted by YOU solution is best for this kind of blog - i.e. - you are popular, well known and should *own* your own content!

"you are popular, well known and should *own* your own content!"

Thanks - but you may be overestimating the popularity of this blog. It doesn't get that many hits - usually under 1000 page views per day. (TypePad doesn't track unique visitors, but that number obviously would be much lower.) I like to think it appeals to a small but select audience!

Right - agreed..:-) But there are links to you all over the web, and lots of mentions on *smart* sites on this and associated topics - and you do have a *brand* with this blog that down the road would be nice if you had control over.

( I've seen lots of *popular* people establish these sort of typepad/blogger style blogs and almost always, at some point - they regret not having their own site/server/stats and stuff to do with what they please..:-)

Just my 2 cents - I enjoy your writing where ever you post it - just not a fan of these services for dedicated writers and content creators. Michael Jackson Memorial Michael Jackson Memorial

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