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About Frederic Myers there is a new book:

Frederic William Henry Myers: "Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death"

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This seems to me an excellent direction to pursue, Michael, as it contains the possibilities which allow for explanation of my own personal experiences: the "self" comprised of a complex interaction of multiple aspects which cannot be simplified into the "conscious/subconscious" dichotomy. Since my twenties, when I first encountered the involuntary images which suddenly appeared before my mind's "eye" without conscious initiation or input (and which I've long since made manifest in my paintings), I've been only too aware of the intricate multifold which we attempt to signify with the unitary appellation of "I". I recall you've written of essentially the same experience when composing a novel. Having acquired Myers' book(s) on CD included in the purchase of the required read "Irreducible Mind" from Amazon (for those who haven't, follow Vitor's well-offered link above for a gratis [and voluminous] read), I found myself responding spontaneously to Myers' multi-level/multi-room house approach, whereas Freud always seemed stuck in the basement (and ENJOYING it, interestingly) and Jung, while more intriguingly expansive, dragged along too much mystical baggage. Though I'm certainly aware that our initial reactions can, at times, mislead us, I cautiously "believe" that this direction of inquiry has the best likelihood of bringing us closer to the true destination we've been seeking.

Not sure I quite understand this supraliminal and subliminal stuff. Is it the same as
supraliminal: the ego-id complex, gradually built as we grow up to form human personality;
subliminal: the soul perpetually informing and interpreting from above?

"Is it the same as ...?"

Myers developed his theories independently of Freud, so I'm not sure there's an exact parallel. My reading is that the subliminal would include what Freud called the id (lower aspects of consciousness), but would also include higher aspects of consciousness. Both the basement and the penthouse, in other words - with supraliminal consciousness serving as the ground floor between the two.

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