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"I also think some gratitude is in order toward the researchers who've devoted their careers to fighting this disease."

I am sorry they devoted their lives with so little to show for it. If I were a cancer researcher I would have given up or changed course by now. I am not the only person saying there are problems with the cancer industry.

And the people you know who are doing well with chemo might not ever have had cancer to begin with. Most cases of treatable cancer result from over diagnosis, making the cancer industry look like a great hero.

Real Pc, in all fairness you have not given a shred of evidence in favour of your view point. You talked about the opinion of alternative science, and what influenced your ideas, and how everyone is deluded in the fight against cancer, but you know the real truth.

Also, it's very brave to dismiss the idea of three extra years' life when you don't have the disease. My grandfather has just been told he needs chemo. Would my family and I rather have three more years with him having chemo? Damn straight.

However, I'm not just having a go but I'd like you to please list your top three pieces of evidence which point towards proving your argument.

I already explained pretty carefully why the effectiveness of chemo might be all or mostly a statistical illusion. It might not extend life 3 years after all. I mentioned lead-time bias and over diagnosis, which are understood and acknowledged by mainstream medical researchers.

What I am saying is just something most people don't want to think about. You like the secure feeling you get from knowing the medical industry is competent and honest.

So continue believing whatever makes you feel good. The problem is, as I said, that time and money are being wasted.

Real PC, I mean actual evidence. Statistics, studies, even anecdotal evidence. Just list the three strongest pieces.

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