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Very interesting. I wonder how he came to have this revelation. Did Bruce Almighty go to his head?

Another quote from the article:
" condensed.... It really is not representative of what the world is or what the world wants.”

Since Jim is the universe and in charge of it too, let's petition him to make the news more positive. If he can do that, there's real hope for the world.

Very interesting. Instead of Bruce Almighty I'd reference Ace Ventura 2. At the beginning of that he had spent time as a monk.

Anyway, I haven't commented on your blog before Michael but I've got to say its a refreshing change of pace to read. Almost every blog I happen upon is either a little too 'flaky' for my taste or the type that rips into this kind of material without the slightest consideration that there might be something to it.

I normally hit up Dean Radin's blog as well and he's got a recent write-up on the kind of person I'm referring to.

Statements like "I am the universe" do sound really flaky, but I know what he means.

We tend to think of ourselves as nothing but our bodies and thoughts, but that's just an culturally-backed assumption. We conceptualize ourselves as finite entities, utterly distinct from our surroundings. This is a tragic oversimplification, but it's perfectly normal.

Think about it: we're constantly taking in and expelling fluids, breaths and other matter, passing thoughts and ideas from one to another, yet somehow we still think there is some definite distinction between us and the rest of the universe. The only distinction is an arbitrary one, and it is called the ego.

To mistake the ego for yourself is the root of all suffering. This is nothing new; wise people have been discussing it for thousands of years.

When somebody initially recognizes that they may not indeed end where the surface of their skin ends, it is a very moving experience, and they tend to make incredulous, wishy-washy sounding statements in a vain attempt to describe it.

But there is no adequate description. This is just a function of the limits of language's ability to convey experiences to another.

Tolle's material is rock-solid, but naturally some people just aren't going to get it. So they call others flakes. C'est la vie, it can't be helped.

To be honest I am probably making a simplistic statement here but I'd prefer facts to 'teachings', opinion or new philosophies. As far as Jim Carrey I suspect his opinion on the matter is at best as good as any other person's.

I'm interested.

My admittedly cursory reading of Tolle left me with the impression of warmned-over Buddhism. But I give Carrey credit for following his muse over the last 10 years or so. With movies, I'd often rather watch an interesting failure than a predictable success...

Carrey's experience reminds of a similar experience; a medical doctor's in the Transcendental experiences of scientists.

Riding The Dragon" Transcendental Experiences of Scientists The URL is:

'Movie star Jim Carrey is teaming up with Eckhart Tolle to start a new spiritual movement'

I see something similar in your future MP, maybe not so much as a spiritual movement but where the fruits of your labour in research & analysis take wings and fly soaring heights.


Yeah Michael for Pope.

the one statement that confused me was that someone gave to me the tapes of tolle's book and I heard him say once on those tapes that we humans have fallen from the grace of God.

I thought this was an interesting statement but can be expected. so called cosmic consciousness does not leave one with absolute truths.

Getting in touch for a brief period of time with our real self is an eye opening experience.

if anyone has not read bucke's book cosmic consciousness it is a worthwhile read not as absolute truths but as some insights into cosmic consciousness.

bucke asked that his book be published after he passed. he understood that there are many people that consider others flakes or worst if they read something outside their frame of reference.

I experienced this once. I was giving birth to my third child. And at the very last second before he was born, I was everything - I was the starry skies, I was the earth, I was all time.

It's impossible to really put into words.

Although I had had some drug pain relief, at that point it had been about 12 hours since I had had anything like that, and I had been in labour for 36 hrs with no food as there was, right to the last second, the possibility that surgical intervention might be required.

It was the most amazing sensation, I felt as if there was a cloud of invisible observers cheering me on and encouraging me.

You feel as if you have come home.

Is it bad that I imagined Jim Carrey doing one of his crazy faces and making his crazy weird sounds while running around the room all crazy-like like in his movies while he experienced his Spiritual Awakening? XD

Maybe it's from my watching his movies so much over the years that I get that impression. XD

By the way, I know I haven't posted here in a long while Michael, I've just been very busy (I've posted some stuff at the Scepcop website, as Winston Wu invited me there, but that's about all I've really had time to post anywhere lately), but I do come here and read each and every one of your blog posts, there's some good stuff here recently as always Michael! :D

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