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Apology accepted. Hope you find some of the answers you seek.

Thanks, Paul. Also JcGifn, thanks.

Does someone heard about Pavel Stepanek? I think he was never caught in cheating, and there are articles about him even in Nature. I have these articles.

Hi Vitor, Yes, he was extensively tested in the 60's by Milan Ryzl a Czech parapsychologist using a binary guessing system in which he tried to discern the colour (Green or white) of the uppermost side of a card. Despite extensive controls against fraud and sensory leakage, he achieved consistently above chance scoring rising to astronomical odds. This ability continued even when tested by others such as Ian Stevenson and Jurgen Keil. There have been critiques of this research (as always) but nothing really substantive has emerged. In fact the criticisms are often based on inaccurate accounts of the experimental process and be safely ignored.
I'm sure google has got loads of info.

Thank you, Duggan. He wrote many articles, and apparently he is still alive (81 years!!!).

Here are some of his articles:

——. "Training the Psi Faculty by Hypnosis." Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 41 (1962).

Ryzl, Milan, and J. G. Pratt. "The Focusing of ESP Upon Particular Targets." Journal of Parapsychology 27 (1963).

——. "A Further Confirmation of Stabilized ESP Performance in a Selected Subject." Journal of Parapsychology 27 (1963).

——. "A Repeated-Calling ESP Test with Sealed Cards." Journal of Parapsychology 27 (1963).

Ryzl, Milan, and J. T. Barendregt, P. R. Barkema, and Jan Kappers. "An ESP Experiment in Prague." Journal of Parapsychology 29 (1965).

Ryzl, Milan, and J. Bekoff. "Loss of Stability of ESP Performance in a High-Scoring Subject." Journal of Parapsychology 29 (1965).

Ryzl, Milan. "How Not to Test a Psychic." Journal of Parapsychology 54 (September 1990).

The last article is a rebuttal to Martin Gardner and his book about Stepanek. In the same journal there is a rebuttal to Gardner by Junger Keil.

When people do those guessing games once they get bored their scores go way down. It's like after the brain loses interest it quits focusing on the test and loses it's connection to wherever the information was coming from. - Art

Quite correct Art. Decline effects are highly prevalent in Parapsych reseach, not only at the experiemntal level (where boredom probably accounts for some of the decline) but across experimental series (possibly related to boredom again; when the novelty of the first experiments has gone so does the effect sizes) and most interestingly across Meta-analyses. Some meta-analyses have produced striking effect sizes only to be underscored by later ones. This has been termed the MAD effect (meta-analysis demolition) and has been argued as some kind of observer effect on the data. Although, despite this interesting feature in the data, when looked at as a WHOLE, the parapsych database across several experimental domains still yields extremely powerful evidence for psi ability.

I've done some of those tests and had exactly the same results. At first I do really well and then not too much later (after I get bored or lose interest) my scores drop precipitously. I think when we get bored we lose our connection to the collective unconscious or Akashic records or wherever it is that our brains are accessing the information.

I'm the same with personal relationships.

Paul, that's just guys in general, nothing to do with Akashic Records!!
Art, I'm not sure about this has an explanation for decline effects. I suspect when boredom sets in, the degree of entanglement between people, or people and experimental targets becomes a lot weaker and causes the loss of ability. Just an idea.

Could it simply be that the phenomena are dependent on a particular state of mind and that this is difficult to maintain over an extended period?

Could it simply be that the phenomena are dependent on a particular state of mind and that this is difficult to maintain over an extended period? - Paul Welsh

In my case it probably has to do with the fact that I have the attention span of a gnat.

Sorry what was that you said Art?

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