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I have read a number of books written and published before 1975 that have obvious near death experiences in them. They just weren't called that. In fact I'm reading a book right now published in 1969 written by Hans Holzer called Life After Death that has at least one near death experience in it. Holzer just didn't call it that. Moody was the one who coined the name but I've read several old books with NDE-like stories in them. Some going back to the 19th Century.

Just tonight I met a person that had an NDE and it had most of the typical attributes of a NDE. She actually got to travel outside her house and travel to other neighbor’s houses and observe them sleeping. The interesting thing to me is that she only shared her NDE when I started to talk about the book I have written on the paranormal. The point is that most people keep such personal stories to themselves until they feel safe sharing their experiences with others.

I suspect we have not begun to touch the surface of the amount of paranormal phenomena that occurs in this world. As I have stated many times on this blog I kept to myself for 27 years a paranormal phenomena of physical objects moving that were the result of some mental thoughts I projected towards those objects.

Ultra skeptics are in a very fragile position in life because one unexplained paranormal phenomenon could cause their whole system of beliefs to come tumbling down. When our system of beliefs is threatened; that is at the very least mental discomfort and most often some level of mental pain.

If you don’t think system of beliefs (paradigms) are powerful do research into how long it took surgeons to wash their hands after germ theory was written about and then rejected by most medical doctors.

Interesting book i'm sure everyone here have heard of this swine flu?

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