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This is an amusing break from the typical subject matter.

It's all duality and separation. Actually, maybe not!

Search for "turtle humps shoe." The original clip has over a million views, and the noises the little guy makes...

Sorry, it's "turtle rapes shoe." No means no!

Hi, Jim Treacher! Thanks for commenting here.

I enjoy your blog and would probably also enjoy your Twitters, if I Twittered, but I don't (Twitter, that is).

Almost as funny, or maybe more so, is the clip of the penguin batting down the passerby, here:

This link will take you more directly to the penguin video.

You're right - it's great!

That's one mean penguin.

Let's also not forget the classic sneezing baby panda.

This gives the idiom, "if the shoe fits" a whole new meaning.

What's wrong with humanity that we have to marvel and delight in the mistaken coitus of our amphibian friends?

Here's an outrageous "blog where I tell cute animals what's what."

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