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Thanks for that news, MP. I've been using Nasonex, which also requires buildup to be effective, and it costs a lot more. I'll try this.

I was prescribed a small bottle of eyedrops called PATANOL. It is prescription only. But it's amazing stuff. 2 drops in the eye and it immediately puts the fire out. Expensive for such a small bottle, but it lasts and it provides immediate relief.

I've been using Nasonex, which also requires buildup to be effective, and it costs a lot more. I'll try this.

You may want to try both. Nasalcrom can be used in conjunction with steroidal sprays.

Ever since the family moved to the allergy capital of the the US, the belt between Austin and Dallas, my whole family has been miserable.

At first, I thought I was allergic to George W. Bush, since he now lives 15 minutes from me, but low and behold, it's my old buddy Mountain cedar.

To be honest, I was sneezing while reading this post, and am now totally congested and itchy.

If I get this product and it works, I will dance around singing the praises of medium, David Thompson... ok, that's not true, but my newly cleared nasal passages might now be able to allow the magic "ectoplasm" to flow freely so that Louis Armstrong can manifest himself and play a harmonica song for us all to enjoy. :-)

I like Zicam's swabs over a spray. I've been using Zyrtec for the juniper season which really gets me going. It takes a while to overcome the groggyness. I'll give this a try and see if I like it better.

And remember; Nasalcrom spelled backwards is morclasan.

And remember; Nasalcrom spelled backwards is morclasan

I think that's their slogan!

I urge you to go to Kevin Kelly's "Cool Tools" site (the successor to the hole Earth Catalog, which he edited) and submit Nasalcrom as a coll tool. Click the "submit a tool" link in the top left.

While you're there, check out the review, three items down at the moment, of "The Deniers," a sympathetic look at critics of the hypothesis of manmade global warming.

I've been using this stuff for a few days since reading this. Haven't breated easier in a long time. Thank-you.

Glad it's working for you! I wish more people knew about it.

By the way, another useful product for allergy sufferers is the neti pot. It cleans the pollen out of your nasal passages. Just don't use it right after spraying the Nasalcrom, or you'll wash the medicine away!

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