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Michael, when I get a bout with rino-virus or the kind which causes my nose to run like a faucet and throat feels like sand paper hit it, I sleep with higher pillows and turn my head to one side helps it to not run down the back of my throat,I have a box of tissues on hand to catch the sniffles and it has to run its course the experts tell me, trying to stop the nasal drip is bad because its a sign that the body is loosing the phlem, much like a backed up dam;germs are being excreted in a loose form as a result of your immune system doing its job of healing ,thus the draining and caughing. vitamin C is good because it boosts the immune but taking too much at once over taxes the liver/kidneys and the reason for your high the other day, I know this because I had a friend who did this and her doctor told her mega doses aren,t healthy if taken at its ammounts for too long. what you are doing by 1000 would be alright once a day, we would hate for something to happen ;to such a valuable writer and author of this forum. As for myself I go to be early and lay myself elevated higher during a sinus problems or bad bout with a virus with plenty of liquids or water and its tapers off in about a week, not to return, the body is amazing when you allow it to overcome,on its own.

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Thanks, Alley Eden, for your concern. Up to a point I agree, but when the coughing is so bad that you can't sleep, and when most of the coughs are unproductive, it's time to take action.

You know, Linus Pauling later in his life was convinced that Vitamin C did a lot to prevent colds so he always had a pack of vitamin C powder with him. He didn't get any colds I think :-)
just thought I'd add

Some think we should despise or ignore the body. I think the opposite -we should be grateful to it and thank every organ and joint for doing its job. Since I've been blessing my body, I haven't got ill. Try it.

Probably get a cold tommorrow, now :-{

Some think we should despise or ignore the body.

One of the things that really surprised me when I began exploring spiritual thought is how little agreement there is on this point. I had expected Teri's position to be regarded as common sense. I still side with common sense, despite those who advocate the contrary.

Well, it is healing with the power of the chakras and spiritual energies.
These texts are famous:

IMHO a experiences about this would be more interesting than an ordinary vitamin...
(even if it doesn't help)

By the way, I've heard from studies which link vitamin C to an increased risk of getting myopia (shortsightedness)

Well, it is healing with the power of the chakras and spiritual energies.

Is there evidence that these techniques work? I know that acupuncture can be effective for some things, but I don't know of evidence that chakra meditation can heal physical problems.

As for myself I go to be early and lay myself elevated higher during a sinus problems or bad bout with a virus with plenty of liquids or water and it tapers off in about a week, not to return,

In my two previous sinus infections I followed this procedure for the first week, without seeing a doctor. (In each case, I thought I had an ordinary flu.) The infection did not go away. In fact, the symptoms got worse and worse, and did not improve until I visited a doctor and got antibiotics.

The body can heal itself of some things, but sinus infections usually require more aggressive treatment. If your illness went away after a week of simple bed rest, it probably wasn't acute sinusitis. It was probably a cold or flu.

My experiences with Energy Healings (Network Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Bodytalk, and misc. others) is that they work some of the time for some of the issues.

There are so many healing modalities out there that so many people promote that I can't figure out mentally which are right for me, since it seems it has to be the right modality delivered by the right practitioner at the right time.

So I've come to rely on an inner nudge or a kind of inner light going on. When someone mentions some healing modality and I get the nudge/light I go try it out and it seems to work.

Most recently someone mentioned a person who does Bodytalk and I got that nudge/light. So I went basically saying I don't know what you do but I got the nudge to come.

In a single 1/2-hour session that person got to the root cause of a back pain I'd been unable to get a handle on for several years. I experienced immediate release and relief in that session. (It had to do with an attitude I had adopted and held onto.)

My experience is that many people spend way too much time and money on mentally-chosen healing modalities that are the wrong ones with the wrong practitioners at the wrong time.

That inner guide can be quite a help.

>Is there evidence that these techniques work?
I don't know. That's why I thought (even anecdotal) evidence would be interesting.

I think Mark Alexander has something, its the attitude I beleive more than anything that 'seats' the influence rather you will 'be' able to overcome symptoms of being controlled by exterior invasion of something doing battle with your wellbeing. Its hard to overcome something that you can,t see;viruses,germs that seem to morph into a threatning condition. I think Michael was able to overcome this successfully by activating the will over the matter with a little help;assist by vitamin C but, IF he wasn,t sure that this regiment was going to work ,than his chances were hindered considerable. In other words the mind took presidence over doubt, because he stated that antibiotics he took didn,t clear up the sinutitis and only made his cough worse, thats why I tried to point out to him that the after effects of the antibiotics did work to some extent and the drainage or liquid salty drip is what contributed to -that reflex to cough and if it were me I would
ve let it go and just prop my head higher at night to let it clear itself ,for me it takes a week or two of uncomfortable red nose and sniffles but than as he pointed out his is more serious, in which case it got me thinking it might be something that is chronic in winter months, due to alot of things, dust from the air ducts as the heat rises, sulfer dust from your ordinary gas cooking stoves, I know this because I have a white metal covers over my burners and one day I discovered to my surprise the residue or cottony micro stringy particles just under the lids where the pilot flame stays lite. But its these conveniences or the other, no heat in the house and nobody would choose that instead. But attitude makes the healing that much faster and sure way.

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